After an accident, family can’t pay the bills – Mystery person gives $50,000 Christmas present

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Christmas is the time for giving, but this Idaho family wasn’t expecting to get such a generous gift.

At first, Brad and Erica’s lives were going great. They had started a family and were working on building their family home by hand.

Erica Hill Crow/Facebook Source: Erica Hill Crow/Facebook

But then tragedy struck.

While Brad was working on the home, he slipped and fractured his leg. He was rushed to the hospital.

Sadly, Brad’s leg injury got worse while he was in care. He developed a staph infection and almost died.

Luckily, the doctors were able to save Brad’s life, at a terrible cost. They amputated his leg.

Inside Edition/YouTube Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

But Brad’s medical issues weren’t over then. He needed both of his hips replaced. He is still currently waiting for one of his hip operations.

Brad’s injury and medical issues meant that he lost his job. Until the accident, he was the only member of his four-person family in work.

As Brad recovered, Erica was trying her best to earn enough money and take care of her two children and husband. But her school bus driver job did not pay enough.

The family’s bills had been piling up for months. They eventually had to move into one small room in a friend’s garage.

Inside Edition/YouTube Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

And until recently, it looked like there would be no solution for the poor family.

But then salvation came from an unlikely place.

Every year at Christmas time, an anonymous donor gives a “secret Santa” donation to needing families in East Idaho.

In 2019, the donor was able to give $500,000 to the people who needed the money the most.

This year, the East Idaho television news team went to the homes of those families who desperately needed help.

Inside Edition/YouTube Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

This year, they showed up at Brad and Erica’s makeshift home. The family had already been familiar with the Secret Santa donations in the region, but they never expected to be helped themselves.

So when Erica opened the door and saw her local news presenter standing in front of her, she burst into tears.

Inside Edition/YouTube Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Then the family opened up their Secret Santa present and discovered that they had been given $50,000 to complete their home. They would also get the money to cover Brad’s healthcare costs.

Brad had always been an optimistic person, but he never expected to receive so much generosity from someone who wouldn’t even reveal their identity.

Inside Edition/YouTube Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

“Even when I get down, he’s the one who says ‘It’s just one day at a time. We’ll be fine'” – Erica.

The family still has a lot to get through, but thanks to the anonymous donor, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Soon, they will all be in their new home, and Brad will have received his desperately needed surgery.

Next year, Brad should be able to find a new job and support his family.

The secret Santa donor in Idaho is a mysterious person indeed. Whoever they are, they clearly have a big heart.

Unlike some well-off people, they are able to have compassion for others and give away some of their wealth so that the less fortunate can thrive.

For several families in east Idaho, this will be the best Christmas ever, all thanks to the anonymous donor.

If only every well off person could help out the less fortunate like this kind-hearted person!

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Source: Inside Edition