Family finds and rescues baby fox in their yard and then reunites him with his mama

The world could use more people like this couple. When nature crept into their personal space, rather than rejecting it, they embraced it.

When mama Gen and her five-year-old daughter ventured into the backyard they never expected it would turn into a rescue mission.

What Gen originally thought was an injured cat stuck in her fence turned out to be a fox in need.

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Gen says the fox was in poor shape when they saved him.

The woman called the local wildlife resources in her area and was told that, due to the pandemic, they were short-staffed and unable to help because of lockdown orders.

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That news did not sit well with Gen and her family.

After deciding to save the fox, the family began to feed him, keep him safe and warm with blankets, and love on him a bit too.

He was finally regaining his strength and started to walk for the first time. David, Gen’s husband, said that when Foxee began to walk it was like watching your child take their first steps.

Seems like Foxee has become a part of the family.

But it couldn’t last forever.

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Gen began thinking about what Foxee’s mom may have been experiencing. Losing a child is never easy whether you’re a human or an animal.

Gen and her family decided to leave Foxee outside at various times of the day to see if his mama would return. After several attempts, however, she never showed. Then one morning they awoke – and they were not prepared to see what had happened in their backyard.

It turns out Foxee’s mom had made an appearance and in a seemingly distressed state and had destroyed the entire backyard.

She had attacked some of the toys and even the foam covering on their trampoline.

It was obvious she wanted Foxee back.

David says she was “sending us a message,” after “going berserk.”

“Trying to think what she must have been going through to destroy so much of our stuff, we thought we’ve got to give them a good chance to get them back together,” Gen said.

As Foxee got stronger, he made it apparent he was ready to head back into the wild and reunite with his family.

Gen made sure to get one last snuggle in with Foxee before releasing him back to his mama.

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“We thought the best way to reunite them is if she could hear him calling,” Gen said.

That’s when they came up with their pulley system. They placed Foxee under a laundry basket with a rope attached and David would lift the basket when they saw mama fox was nearby.

Clever idea!

On cue, mama fox makes her appearance right at the family’s fence post. Without hesitation, she came over the fence to find her baby.

Mama fox picked up Foxee and carried him away in the sweetest little reunion, and back to their rightful home they went.

The family was simply elated that Foxee was reunited and going to get the happy ending he deserved.

Watch the rescue and adorable reunion in the video below.

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Source: The Dodo, Animal Channel