Father can’t afford a backpack for son, so he learns how to weave one himself

People who are both thrifty and handy are blessed. They are often creative enough to save money while making something amazing. The dad in this story is a prime example.

NY Keng is a five-year-old who knows how lucky he is. He lives in Cambodia, and thanks to the country’s advances, he is able to enjoy opportunities that previous generations never had.

Sophous Suon/School Bags/Facebook Source: Sophous Suon/School Bags/Facebook

His father, a farmer, grew up without access to school education. But Keng’s father was able to learn a lot growing up. And he uses these skills to help his son.

When it was time for Keng to go to school, his father was so proud. He wanted his son to have the best. But he also knew that “the best” didn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money. The perfect example of this is Keng’s backpack.

The father went to the store to buy supplies for his son’s early days of school. He saw the prices for the backpacks and thought that he cost didn’t equal the quality of the product.

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Instead, the father got some raffia string, which he had an abundance of on the farm, and got weaving.

In a few hours, the father had a bag that was just as sturdy as the more expensive ones in the store. Thanks to his ingenuity, the dad was able to spend that money on his child in another way!

Sophous September/Facebook Source: Sophous September/Facebook

To finish the bag off, the father added some straps and a buckle.

When Keng went to school, his teacher, Sophous Suon, was so impressed with the creation that she posted it to Facebook.

Sophous September/Facebook Source: Sophous September/Facebook

The post soon went viral, with many people praising the father for his creativity and passion for his son.

To date, the post has gained thousands of likes and shares, and hundreds of comments. Specifically, people have been saying this:

Sophous September/Facebook Source: Sophous September/Facebook

Keng’s father has set a high bar for all other fathers. Some dads may not have the skills to craft their children’s essential items. But all dads can give their children support and love.

That means helping them out whenever they need it and being there for them when times are hard!

Cambodia is a rapidly improving nation, though it still has some way to go.

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Currently, the nation is one of the fastest-growing economies on the planet. In 2015, the country reached lower middle-income status. It also aims to reach upper middle-income status by the year 2030.

The poverty rate in Cambodia has also fallen significantly. In 2007, almost 50% of the country lived in poverty. But by 2014, the poverty rate had fallen to just 13.5%.

The future looks bright for children like Keng. He is living in a country that is getting better every day. His family clearly loves him and supports him. And he has access to educational opportunities that people in the recent past did not.

Sophous Suon/School bags/Facebook Source: Sophous Suon/School bags/Facebook

It can sometimes feel like the world has become a significantly worse place. While it is important to recognize that there are problems in every single society, it’s also important to acknowledge the strides that the human race is making.

If we all support the future generations, like Keng’s father clearly is, then the world is sure to improve at an even more rapid pace. It just requires a little effort and a little creativity!

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