Millions have fallen in love with footage of golden retrievers admiring their newborn puppies

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What really makes this video special is the care that the father gives to the mother. He really loves and is proud of her.

Is there anything better than a puppy? The answer is yes there is: This footage of seven puppies and two gleeful parents looking over them just has to be seen.

Viral Paws/YouTube Source: Viral Paws/YouTube

When the owner of two golden retrievers learned that one of them was pregnant, she was overjoyed. Her dogs had been amazing animals since she took them in. And she knew that their offspring would be just as great.

So the weeks went by, and the expectant mother dog got larger and larger. Everyone was excited to see the babies for the first time. Especially the father-to-be. He just couldn’t wait!

Needpix Source: Needpix

Then the day came. The pregnant dog went into labor. The owner and the father-about-to-be were there to offer support.

In no time at all, seven adorable puppies came into the world.

After the hard work of giving birth, all that the mother dog had to do was watch over her puppies. The father joined her.

The moment was so sweet that the owner just had to film it.

Each puppy flailed about next to one another, learning how to use their legs. The owner had put on a little collar on each puppy so that they knew who was who.

The puppies on the extreme left and extreme right of the huddle managed to use their legs to shuffle around. In no time at all, these two puppies were exploring everything around them.

Viral Paws/YouTube Source: Viral Paws/YouTube

While this was happening, the parents looked on, so pleased to see that their babies were all healthy and keen to discover the world.

The scene cut to a little later. The puppies were all napping now. So was the mom. She had had a very exhausting day!

The father placed his head gently over the mother’s head, as if to say “I’m so proud of you!”

Viral Paws/YouTube Source: Viral Paws/YouTube

The scene cut again. This time, the mother was slumbering with a single sleeping puppy under her chin. It was just too cute!

Next, the scene cut to the puppies all nursing from the mother. The father lay across from the mother, his arms intertwined with hers.

Viral Paws/YouTube Source: Viral Paws/YouTube

The video ended there.

Luckily, the owner uploaded the footage to YouTube. It soon went viral. To date, it has had over 11.2 million views. It also has over 186,000 likes and 8,300 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Viral Paws/YouTube Source: Viral Paws/YouTube

With two loving parents like that, these golden retriever puppies sure do have a great future ahead of them.

The mom and dad will look after them until they are old enough to find homes of their own. What an amazing time this suddenly large family has ahead!

Of course, these cute puppies should have no trouble finding their own homes when they grow up. They are utterly adorable!

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Source: Viral Paws