Grandmother walks up to restaurant manager and tells him her children are hungry

Restaurants serve their customers in exchange for their money. That is just how it works. So, what one restaurant manager did when he was approached by a hungry grandma has captured the hearts and thanks of people on the Internet.

A heart of gold

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Frenchy’s Chicken is a popular resident in Houston Texas. The manager, Ahmed Elmadhoun loves to serve his customers. In addition to being a businessman, he has a heart of gold for people in need. His charitable side was shown when a grandmother approached him looking for some food.

In need of some help

YouTube Screenshot – KHOU 11 Source: YouTube Screenshot – KHOU 11

Standing there with her three-year-old granddaughter, the older woman pulled Elmadhoun off to the side to speak to him privately. Telling her story, the grandmother explained to Elmadhoun how she had no money for food. Back at home, she had nine more grandchildren and she had run out of gas.

She offered to pay Elmadhoun back the next day, after she got paid for her taxes, to pay him back for any food he could give her. She even tried to hand him her identification cards to keep in a bid to show she would be back.

He gave her some food for free

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Elmadhoun would have none of it, refusing to take her ID cards. Instead, he offered to prepare a giant meal for the woman and her family, for free. The whole scene was witnessed by customer Lowe Petties, who posted about it, along with a photo on her Facebook page.

“God bless this man. We went into Frenchys to get Journee some fries, there was a lady here with a 3-year-old little girl. She asked the manager if she could get some chicken that she would pay for tomorrow when she gets her taxes. She says she has 8 grandkids at home and has ran out of food and gas. He bought her 25 pcs of chicken family-sized fry and greens, he gave her bread drinks, and cake with his own money. He told her you owe me nothing and if you get hungry tomorrow COME BACK. Then a patron of the establishment along with Andre Petties put gas in her car.”

Going through some tough times

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The situation wasn’t something Elmadhoun can remember ever encountering before.

“Definitely not something you hear every day … She was really going through a tough time. She was pretty embarrassed. I said, ‘Don’t. We all go through tough times,’” Elmadhoun told KHOU 11. “She was so relieved. She had a smile on her face. She was in awe, couldn’t believe someone would do that.”

Elmadhoun told her she could always come back

YouTube Screenshot – KHOU 11 Source: YouTube Screenshot – KHOU 11

Elmadhoun also told her to come back if she ever found herself in the same situation in the future. Other diners in the restaurant witnessed the act of kindness and were touched by it. Elmadhoun could have told the woman no, but instead, he showed her compassion.

You can watch the story of a restaurant manager’s compassion in the video below.

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Source: KHOU 11

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