Hallelujah starts playing and ice skater performs routine admired by over 20 million online

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An amazing ice skating routine is one of the best things that anyone can witness. Just imagine how the people in the room felt after they saw this performance.

Ice skating is the only sport that both looks beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

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When you see a truly talented skater move at seemingly superhuman speeds on the ice, you’re in awe but also aware that one bad fall could be devastating!

Anyone who enjoys watching this thrilling, daring sport has to see this routine.

Taryn Jurgensen took to the stage at the Los Angeles Showcase and wowed everyone present.

Luckily, someone was recording the performance so that we could all enjoy it.

It began with the announcer calling Jurgensen onto the stage. She glided on, already extremely graceful in her movements.

Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube Source: Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube

Then the opening notes to Hallelujah, the song by Leonard Cohen but made famous by musicians like Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright, started playing.

This version was the Alexandra Burke recording.

Jurgensen started the performance in a low key manner. She moved to the music on the spot, swaying back and forth.

Then she started gliding over the ice, skating backward and forward seemingly effortlessly.

Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube Source: Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube

When the lyrics started speeding up, so did Jurgensen. And at the same time, her hand movements became even more complex.

And then she did something even more amazing. She raised one leg into the air while gliding backward.

Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube Source: Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube

When she finished that move, she jumped into the air, still going backward, and span around. Then she touched down smoothly, making the entire move look easy.

When the instrumentation kicked in, Jurgensen started skating in reverse at an even faster pace.

Then she raised her leg into the air again and leaned forwards, maintaining this position for five whole seconds while navigating the ice rink.

Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube Source: Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube

Next, she stopped on the spot, raised one leg and leaned forward. While in this position, she span and span, eventually straightening up as she span.

But she wasn’t done with this move yet. She grabbed her foot, curled into a ball and extended her body, still holding her foot and still spinning.

Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube Source: Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube

To finish up, Jurgensen slid forward on her knees, bowing to the crowd.

Even as she left the stage, she was still performing dance moves. Clearly, she loves being on the ice so much!

Unsurprisingly, this incredible routine would win Jurgensen the Funakoshi Trophy at that year’s competition.

As well as gaining 20 million views, the YouTube video of this performance has managed to receive over 122,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

People have been saying things like this:

Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube Source: Taryn Jurgensen/YouTube

Of course, the descriptions in this article can only go so far in describing just how great Jurgensen’s performance was. To really appreciate it for all of its nuances and its breathtaking timing, you have to watch the video!

And this performance is just one of many. Jurgensen has numerous videos on her YouTube channel that show that she is able to create showstopping performances to many other classic songs. In addition to Hallelujah, she’s skated to Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel, You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me by Cher and many other great songs.

Jurgensen is truly a talented performer!

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