Hero dog risks his life running into burning house to save the family cat

It’s no secret that fires can be absolutely devastating – whether it’s the blazing inferno of wildfires such as in Australia or a normal house fire, flames are terrifyingly destructive and can level anything in their path. We often hear stories about people running into burning homes to save their family members, but the main characters in this house fire story are both four-footers.

A dog that is now being praised as a hero, bravely ran into a burning home to save his feline friend.

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It all started with a large explosion in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine back in October 2014. The incident occurred at a local defense industry company, and officials and the people themselves decided that it was best for all the nearby residents to evacuate their homes immediately. And that evacuation turned out to be absolutely necessary because it didn’t take long before the fires started spreading from one building to another. Nearby homes were also struck by the flames as it continued to spread to the northeast of the city.

The explosion itself was also incredibly powerful. Windows were even shattered within several kilometers of the blast radius, and the destruction seemed to get out of hand.

As you can probably imagine, there was a lot of panic amongst the homeowners everywhere, making sure that all of their loved ones were safe and secure. However, in the midst of the chaos, evacuating is anything but a straightforward task.

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In one home, a cat was still inside of the home while the flames struck.

The loyal family dog and his best friend decided to run straight into the home, to get his feline buddy out of there.

The owner of the pets was absolutely terrified when he saw his dog run into what’s left of the house, as he was pretty sure that they would both perish in the flames.

Incredibly tense moments pass, but after a little while, the dog runs out back outside with the cat held tightly in his mouth.

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There was just no way that this dog could leave his furry friend behind, no matter what. It takes guts to run into a burning home – whether you’re a human or a dog, ‘hero’ is the only word that can properly describe it.

The kitten and the pup definitely are the best of friends, and they’re pretty much inseparable inside the home. They just love being with each other and playing around, and they even slept right beside each other. There is nothing but pure love and affection between these two furry friends, and it’s just absolutely adorable.

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This certainly isn’t the first story about a dog running into a blazing home to save loved ones.

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Ben the Bordernese went through something similar recently, as he entered a burning home to save the children of his owner. Mom Colleen couldn’t be more proud of her four-footer, who she adopted after she fell in love with him when meeting him in person for the first time. At first, the homeowner didn’t want any pets inside when the family moved in, but he thankfully changed his mind.

In any case, these two are definitely hero dogs!

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