Wild horse gives rescuer a kiss as thanks for freeing him of his painful chains

Horses are considered as a symbol of freedom. In the West, it’s believed that riding horses made people feel like they could free themselves from their own restraints. They also symbolize freedom because of their wild spirit and natural power.

Despite what they symbolize, not all horses are free.

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A veterinarian for the Four Paws team named Ovidiu Rosu was patrolling the Letea area when he saw a wild horse cruelly chained. The chains were placed around the horse’s front hooves. They didn’t just prevent the animal from moving quickly but it also stopped it from hopping.

The chains needed to be removed quickly. If left in place for a long time, they can seriously injure the animal. The chains can even cause its death.

Knowing how unsafe it was for the horse, Ovidiu came up with a plan to rescue it.

Randomly approaching a chained wild horse isn’t safe even for experts. It would make the animal feel anxious, increasing the chance that it would try to run away and cause great harm to itself and the human. Those things can cause more problems.

First, Ovidiu needed to calm down the horse.

It’s the only way he could get the restraint off safely. He took out his tranquilizer gun and shot the animal with it.

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After successfully tranquilizing the wild horse, he proceeded with the next steps.

First, he covered the eyes of the horse to keep the animal calm. With a pair of pliers, he started getting the chains off. It wasn’t an easy job to do. The chains were strong and he needed to work hard to remove them.

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Eventually, he succeeded.

To further ensure the animal’s safety, they waited. After the effects of the tranquilizer were gone and the animal came out of his stupor, Ovidiu removed the fabric he used to cover its face. With his entire team, the horse was able to get back up on his feet.

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The wild horse was extremely grateful.

Contrary to what he initially thought, the wild horse didn’t react violently. It seemed to have an idea of what he did.

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The horses in the area witnessed what happened.

In fact, they never left the poor horse’s side. They saw its condition and Ovidiu’s effort to save it. And just like the wild horse, they looked grateful for Ovidiu’s help as well.

The wild horse’s case isn’t new.

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In Letea, Romania, people target horses for different reasons. There are people who go after the horses for their meat. Others try to capture them and turn them into pets.

There are horses that are used for work. These animals are usually overworked and not given proper care. Most of them don’t get adequate veterinary care either. They are treated as objects and not as animals with lives. For their owners, they are just items they need for work.

Ovidiu’s heroic act was recorded and about 13 million people were able to watch it.

With the video getting viral, Ovidiu and his team hope that it’s able to make more people aware of the cruel acts of some humans on horses. Hopefully, wild horses in the area remain free and able to move freely. After all, that’s what horses are supposed to be.

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Source: YouTube, Animal Channel