These 'ice cream tulips' are so beautiful you could almost eat them

Spring has sprung, and there’s no better time than now to stop and smell a flower or two (or let’s face it, an entire field maybe?)

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As the world yawns and stretches from its winter hibernation, flowers and trees begin to bud and blossom. Spring signifies a reawakening, and basking in the warm glow of the sun has us all outside enjoying the scenery more.

A popular symbol of springtime is the ever-adored tulip.

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This flower, often one of the first to arrive in the new season, has been the center of many festivities around the globe. Celebrations far and wide have embraced this beautiful flower, in places such as the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, India, and many more.

Universally, the tulip tells us that spring is finally here.

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“Originating in the foothills of Central Europe, tulips were brought to Western Europe in the 16th century and soon became synonymous with the Dutch culture and one of the world’s most popular flowers.”

Sadly, quarantine measures have put an unfortunate hold on many festivities this year. While only a select few will be able to witness the mystifying blossoms with their own eyes, the flowers live on in the hearts of those who cherish them.

One particular breed is making waves with flower-lovers right now. It’s called the Ice Cream tulip. And it’s so pretty you might feel compelled to take a bite out of it.

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Their name is definitely no accident! If you’ve never been acquainted before, these flowers truly resemble ice cream. They’re so beautiful you could almost eat them.

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They made their first appearance in 1999, created by the breeding company Vertuco BV. Their brightly colored base petals hold a crown of fluffy white petals that look precisely like a scoop of luscious ice cream. This flower sundae is sure to make you swoon!

These tulips are both rare and unique, but that’s not to say you can’t cultivate them at home with a little care.

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“A normal tulip has six petals while a Double tulip has at least twice that amount! These varieties are great for pots and containers as well as the border area of flower beds. Because of their full blooms, these tulips like sunny and pleasant weather or the protection provided by shade and cover – they do not fare as well when exposed to heavy rains or strong wind. Available in a variation of colors and petal shapes, Double tulips can be egg-shaped, fringed, or have the appearance of the always popular peony flower. Bloom times will vary from early to late season with a few in the middle as well.”

Whether you wait to visit them in a lively spring festival, or perhaps attempt to grow them in your own backyard, one thing is for sure – these delectable tulips offer the most stunning spring display.

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Check out the video below for some tulip gardening tips, and enjoy the spring!

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