Body cam captures Idaho cop running for cover from hilarious, angry turkey attack

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Idaho’s small, sparse population means that it usually doesn’t make national headlines. Yet this clip shows just how challenging policing in the state can be.

When most people think of wild animal attacks in America, they picture alligators in Florida, coyotes in the arid states or maybe bears along the Appalachian Trail. But what about turkeys lashing out in Idaho?

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Any turkey farmer will tell you that turkeys can have a mean streak. But one sheriff’s deputy in Kuna, Idaho found this out the hard way.

In late February 2020, the cop had to respond to a routine traffic incident on some back roads. Little did he realize that beasts were about to unleash themselves upon him.


Once the matter had been seen to, the cop walked up to three turkeys on the road. They weren’t budging. So he waved his hands at them and told them to go home.

But these turkeys were in no mood to be told what to do. Instead of retreating into the fields, two of the turkeys turned around and started charging the deputy. “Hey,” the deputy shouted, backing away worriedly.

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Then the cop pulled out his nightstick. He started whacking the ground next to the animals, hoping that that would make them flee.

For a second, the turkeys backed away. “Get out of the road,” the deputy called once more. That appeared to really piss the turkeys off. They charged at him again, screaming louder than ever before.

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The deputy backed away once more, smacking his nightstick as he did so. But the turkeys were no longer scared of the noise.

Soon, the deputy was pressed up against his car. But the turkeys kept on lashing out. So the deputy tried a new approach. No, he didn’t pull out his gun. Instead, he started “boking” like the turkeys.

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Eventually, the deputy was forced to back into his car for cover. He decided to drive away, leaving the turkeys in the middle of the road. After all, he had tried to protect them. If they got themselves run over, then they only had themselves to blame.

Of course, the deputy would have the last laugh. Come Thanksgiving, he would be eating one of their kind with the rest of his family.

This hilarious footage then made its way onto YouTube. In just a month, the video has become incredibly popular. In fact, the video has gained over 230,000 views to date. It also has more than 8,600 likes and 2,300 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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Being a cop can sometimes be difficult. After all, you never know when you could be heading into danger. But then again, there are also the many amusing incidents that take place, like this turkey attack.

Sure, the NYPD or LAPD like to say that their cities are tough to police. But how would they have fared during this incident? Like the deputy, many of these forces’ officers would also have become chickens against these turkeys.

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Source: KTVB