These differences between US + UK ingredients are disturbing

While some may not realize, it is also no secret that ingredients used in American food products are significantly worse than ingredients found in any other country.

Companies like Kraft-Heinz, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo, and Quaker all sell safer products overseas, while injecting food in America with gross ingredients, packing them full with high fructose corn syrup and chemicals. These differences are found in all types of foods — chips, cereal, candy and even oatmeal. Oatmeal! The one thing that is supposed to be healthy. It is inescapable.

To break it down, Food Babe took it upon themselves to list six American products whose ingredients look completely different in other countries.

1. McDonald’s french fries

Can you see all of the extra stuff in American french fries? Canola oil, corn oil, soy bean oil, natural beef flavor, extra salt, and the list goes on… Whereas UK fries simply are potatoes, vegetable oil, and dextrose. Then salt is added afterwards.

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2. Quaker Instant Oatmeal Packets

While the UK version consists of oats, sugar, and freeze-dried fruit, the US version packs in creaming agents, artificial fruit, gums, citric acid, and several other ingredients that are impossible to pronounce. Pro tip: If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, run.

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3. Mountain Dew

While Mountain Dew isn’t the healthiest beverage choice anywhere, if you’re going to have it, you should have it…Not in America. The second ingredient in the American version high fructose corn syrup, whereas the second ingredient in the UK version is plain old sugar. If you’re wondering, the latter is a better option than the former.

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4. Heinz Ketchup

Get ready for this doozy… American Heinz ketchup contains tomato concentrate, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, and corn syrup, while the the UK version contains tomatoes, spirit vinegar, sugar, and salt. Real ingredients.

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5. Doritos

The ingredient list for the US version is way longer than the UK version. The American version uses corn, vegetable oil, maltodextrin, salt, tomato powder, corn starch, whey, lactose, corn syrup solids, sugar and more spices and artificial flavors. The UK version enlists corn, vegetable oils, cool original flavor, salt, glucose syrup, sugar, potassium chloride, and on.

Sure, neither of them are spectacularly healthy — bother are terrible, actually — but if you had to go with one, we would definitely suggest the UK version. Also, the dyes listed are found to be contaminated with carcinogens.

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6. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

Ah, isn’t it GRRRREAT?! Well, no, not really.

At first, the ingredients look pretty identical between the two, until you realize the addition of BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) in the US version. Research has linked BHT to cancer as well as hormonal interference. However, this ingredient is not allowed in cereals in Europe, so Kellogg’s changed it a bit so that they would be able to legally sell the product in the UK. Our country had a petition to get rid of this ingredient back in 2015 and Kellogg’s obliged for some products, however it’s still in Kellogg’s (even though it’s not in Europe).

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Food companies have and will continue to inject our food with these toxins simply because they will always choose the cheaper option. If they can flavor their foods with the cheaper ingredient — even if it harms us — they will do it. They don’t care, and that is why it is up to us to raise our awareness and consume products that aren’t filled with dangerous chemicals.

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Source: Food Babe