Keith Urban invites fan to play guitar on stage not knowing he’d steal the show

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If your musical idol offered you the chance to share the stage with them, what would you do? This audience member took the opportunity, and everyone was amazed.

Keith Urban needs no introduction. Most people know him as either one of the world’s most successful musicians, Nicole Kidman’s husband or both!

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Part of what makes Keith Urban so popular is the fact that he comes across as an incredibly nice guy. But he also proves that he is time and time again. One of those typically Keith Urbanesque nice guy moments led to something incredible at one of his concerts.

Urban was performing in Gilford, New Hampshire one day. The concert was going well, and Urban decided that it would be fun to share the spotlight with an audience member.

He looked down and saw a young man, Rob Joyce, holding a sign that asked if he could play Urban’s guitar.

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“You wanna play my guitar?” Urban asked. Joyce nodded enthusiastically. Urban then noticed that the person next to the young man was holding a sign that said, “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday.” That clinched it for Urban. He invited Joyce up on stage.

Urban clasped Joyce’s hand as he climbed onto the stage. The crowd cheered out.

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Joyce must have been nervous, but Urban was doing his all to make the young man feel relaxed.

Then the singer let the young man introduce himself. Urban also let Joyce’s girlfriend, Lex, talk to the crowd.

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He asked how the two met, and Lex replied, “We were playing pool at school.” Lex also informed Urban that Joyce was amazing at guitars.

Urban then handed Joyce his own guitar, keen to see if Lex was right about her boyfriend’s skills.

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Joyce tested out Urban’s guitar. Right away, he was playing incredibly well. The crowd cheered in appreciation. But how would he fare when playing with Urban and the rest of the band?

The audience member turned guitarist kept on playing. The rest of the band joined in.

Urban started singing, and Joyce was more than able to hold his own. In fact, he wasn’t missing a beat.

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As he played, Joyce became more confident. Soon, he had a stage presence that rivaled Urban’s.

At the end of the performance, everyone cheered, amazed that Joyce was so good. Joyce kept on playing. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to show off his talents a little more.

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Urban told the audience that Joyce had, “totally killed it.” No one could disagree. He also told Joyce that he was going, “to be playing more than pool tonight.”

Later, Urban even posted an update to his social media channels thanking Joyce for doing such a good job.

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Clearly, Urban was genuinely impressed. Who knows, perhaps this will give Joyce the encouragement he needs to make it in the world of music?

Luckily, someone was filming Joyce’s moment in the spotlight. They uploaded the footage to YouTube, where it soon went viral.

To date, the video has gained over 3.8 million views. It also has more than 16,000 likes and 2,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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Anyone who doubts that Keith Urban is as nice as he seems needs to see this video!

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