13-year-old secretly sells his Xbox to buy his mom a new car

Some kids are clueless about the problems of life happening around them. But some like William Preston are in-tune to the stress of what’s going on.

Some kids can feel it

The young teen often played on his XBox, but he knew his mother was struggling to meet payments and get food for him and his sisters. Most parents don’t want their children to know the burdens of the world, but the stress tends to seep out in other areas.

Kids have a way to tell when something is affecting their parents.

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But William isn’t the kind of kid to just see the problem and do nothing. He understood what was happening in the situation, and wanted to help. He didn’t do it for attention or praise, just to help out the family. His “man of the house” duties were calling his name, and he wanted to meet the standard.

His actions had a heartwarming effect on anyone that read his story in April of 2019. But it will encourage you today as well!

A slight hiccup

Krystal June Preston posted on Facebook that the family was going through some rough times. The post has recently been deleted but it read:

“The last couple weeks have literally been hell filled with so many tears, anger, confusion, and heartache.”

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The single mother didn’t want to share the family problems but she did tell the story of what her son had done for the family.

Young William knew the main problem that hit his family was the lack of transportation. They needed a car to get to and from work, school, and extracurricular events.

“I saw on YouTube where people get their mom a car and then surprise her with it,” he said. “I wanted to do that.”

YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston Source: YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston

William couldn’t remember the exact video that had given him the idea about getting his mom a car, but that was the least of his problems. He had to figure out how to afford a car that would get the family where they needed to go.

Finding and purchasing the car

William already did chores for the neighbors and mowed lawns to make cash. He knew that the cash flow just wasn’t enough to get a car. He decided to ramp up his efforts. His mother called him a “lawn mowing, yard cleaning, money-making machine.”

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While searching on Facebook Marketplace, the teen found the car he wanted. Which was the first part of the mission. It was a 1999 Chevy Metro that was being sold for pretty cheap. He offered her his XBox and a few hours of yard wor for her car. It wasn’t an even trade, but he couldn’t really tell that.

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William kept having one phrase running through his mind when he was preparing his Facebook message, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

William reported to ABC 8 that at first, the woman was not interested in the trade:

“It was really cheap so I asked her if I could trade it or earn it, and at first she said no.”

But after considering his proposal again, the woman got back to him and told him that she would help him out!

Shock and awe!

Krystal was minding her business one day, and her son walked through the door and told her that he had bought a car, her reaction was priceless.

“William came home and said, ‘Mom I bought you a car.’ I of course laughed and told him, ‘Ya right!’”

Then he explained the situation and shock started to set in. William was telling the truth.

YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston Source: YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston

“I completely lost it. I started balling my eyes out. I am speechless my 13-year-old son bought me a car. He did some work for this woman and that was his payment that he worked out with her. And here I thought it was a joke… Nope, I was handed the keys and paperwork to the car and I’m freaking out but so in shock.”

The Facebook post has thousands of likes, and William honestly isn’t a fan of his newfound fame.

“I didn’t really want that to happen,” he told ABC 8. “I just wanted to do it, that’s all.”

YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston Source: YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston

Moving on with life

Days after the good deed, Ms. Preston set up a GoFundMe page explaining that William did it all – chores included – despite some disabilities.

A few days after the incredible act of kindness, Ms. Preston created a GoFundMe page that explained why William did it all, and what he had been dealing with in his own life.

She posted:

“He was born with a severe case of bilateral clubfoot. So from a week old William had surgeries and casting in both legs for years. He never once couldn’t do something he set his mind to. Learned to walk with a cast on and everything.

William also has ADHD and it’s been a struggle for him for a couple of years… “

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The story was so inspirational that the family quickly surpassed their 13,000$ funding goal after Ms. Preston shared that the family dog had also passed away.

YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston Source: YouTube Screenshot - ABC13 Houston

Ms. Preston noted on Facebook how much her son meant to her.

“He is such a good kid. He may have his days but OMG what 13-year-old kid do you know that buys his mom a car… William, I love you son, and thank you. You have such a big heart and I love you…”

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