Scientists say left-hand people are quite extraordinary

Let’s hear it for all the lefties out there! New scientific evidence has proven that people who are more skillful with their left hands truly are exceptional (though you’re probably already aware of that fact).

It’s about time some good news came along for our left-handed lot – just 20 years ago, studies were a lot more doom-and-gloom, even going as far as to suggest that left-handed people would die sooner or were prone to accidents.

Over time, this seems to have generalized the concept of being left-handed as being a weakness, suggesting that lefties are subordinate to their peers. So it’s no surprise that lefties have been yearning for some better news about their fates – and that’s exactly what this recent study provided!

We’ve seen many theories as to why people are left-handed, but as with the secrets behind gravity, the universe, and certain diseases, scientists still can’t figure out the cause. Some studies have produced evidence that suggests left-handedness is a hereditary thing and comes from the mother’s side.

Others have found that twins are twice as likely to be lefties. Even more interestingly, scientists can actually predict if a baby will be a leftie while it’s still in the womb. It seems that the dominant hand can present itself through movements seen in ultrasounds!

Most lefties are apparently born either in late spring or early summer, though again, we don’t know what relevance this has scientifically. Still, we think there must be something to the fact that according to one study, the majority of lefties were born between the months of March and July. Perhaps they’re part of an elite cult that they’re yet to be told about (sounds like a good plot for a fantasy romance novel).

Another cool fact you can add to your “useless leftie knowledge to impress friends with” is that left-handed people have a tendency to perform better at sports. It makes sense when you think about it – their movements are so unique, and, of course, their opponents are going to be far more used to playing against right-handed people. It’s thought that impressively, nearly 25 percent of professional baseball players and 40 percent of top tennis players are left-handed!

If sports aren’t really your thing, no worries – science also says lefties are more effective problem solvers. Apparently, this inexplicable link between cleverness and being left-handed makes lefties more likely to pursue careers in science and technology. When the world is increasingly relying on computer-based tech to survive, you can’t go wrong with that sort of talent!

Source: Google Images Source: Source: Google Images

Some of the most famous people in the world are left-handed, so if you want to feel better about your uniqueness, just remember that you’re in the leftie club along with the likes of Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Neil Armstrong. That’s certainly not something to complain about!

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