Man records hilarious faces his German Shepherd makes while he listens to his snoring

German Shepherds are without a doubt one of the most popular and respected dog breeds out there and make excellent protective family and guard dogs.

Of course, we also know the Shepherds from their work in the police of military departments, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that even these intimating and tough four-footers are actually very sweet and precious too.

The following hilarious video is a perfect example of that.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

One owner wanted to see how his dog reacted to his snoring, and the pup didn’t disappoint.

Snoring might seem pretty annoying to us humans, but we can only imagine how bad it must be for four-footers. After all, dogs have a very extensive hearing range and can hear frequencies that are simply unreachable to the human ear.

Dogs can hear every sound, and it looks like snoring can work on their nerves too.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

In the video, we see the owner taking a nap while audibly snoring, and the Shepherd is laying right beside him, with an expression on his face that says more than a thousand words.

The footage quickly went viral and has already amassed millions of views in total.

And if you take a look at the German Shepherd’s hilarious antics and adorable face, it’s definitely not hard to see why.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

Meet Rocky, the German Shepherd who is the superstar of this viral video.

Rocky and his owner go hand in hand and are the best of friends, with an absolutely unbreakable bond. The snoring, however, is a small issue that both of them have to work on.

For the purposes of this video, Rocky’s owner only pretended to go to sleep, and then started making the classic snoring noises.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

When the man started ‘snoring’, Rocky looked at him with expressions of concern, but that quickly turned around.

At first, it’s as if the four-footer actually had no idea what was happening. Where was that sound coming from? The look on his face says it all: he’s frowning and curious to figure out what is going on.

What happens next is actually pretty heartwarming.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

The Shepherd is still concerned, so he tries waking up his human to alert him and he does it in a pretty hilarious manner too.

What’s the best way to wake up your owner?

By giving him licks to the face, of course. It’s just so cute to see how this dog is carefully and gently trying to wake up him, and the owner trying his best not to laugh.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

After a while, the dog just gave up and admitted defeat.

He laid his head down next to his owner and didn’t once leave his owners’ side. How loyal! At one point, the snoring definitely got really bad and the dog was a little bit annoyed about the whole thing.

Just watch his ears flicking whenever his owner is snoring. But the fact that he just stays there to protect his owner is just so precious.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

The dog’s cute and hilarious reaction definitely warmed the hearts of the internet.

“This sweet dog really loves his human! Only because his human has to be so good to him. Gotta love it!” someone commented.

“Ahh I love Rocky just want to hug him so much 🥰 What with the crying and snoring poor Rocky doesn’t know whether he is coming or going lol 😂”

“Watch his ear & then the look on his face, he was thinking about his CPR skills,” a YouTuber posted.

YouTube Screenshot - Rocky Source: YouTube Screenshot - Rocky

Thanks to this video, Rocky is now definitely quite the internet superstar. He now has over a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTubers following all of his adventures with his loving owner. How cute!

Be sure to check out Rocky’s amazing reaction to the snoring in the video below.

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Source: YouTube – Rocky, DogTube