Medieval "box beds" are making a comeback thanks to their benefits

Unless you’re into old stuff, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of box beds. But they’re still around. It’s kind of like the bizarre outfits that models wear on runways. While some people go crazy over them, others simply shake their heads as if thinking, “What the heck?”

A lot of the out of the ordinary runway clothes we see are nothing more than part of a fad. But the same can’t be said about box beds. At one time, they were incredibly fashionable but eventually, they faded out of sight. But now, people are trying to bring these beds back into style.

What’s a box bed anyway?

Well, they’re pretty much what the name implies. They’re beds that reside inside a wooden box. They include a mattress, blankets, and pillows, just like a standard bed does. The only difference is that these are surrounded by wood.

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A bed with a long history

Box beds were common during both the 19th and 20th centuries. At those times, entire families often shared one bedroom. That meant there were moms, dads, and kids, all shacked up together. As you can imagine, things became quite crowded and no one had any privacy. With a box bed, each person had personal space even when sharing a room.

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Weather also played a role in their popularity

Today, homes have both central air conditioning and heat. But back in the day, it was incredibly hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside a house. Especially in the winters, people had a hard time sleeping because of the cold. Okay, so why not add more blankets? Well, most families couldn’t afford them.

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Box beds have a unique design

Besides the obvious of being surrounded by wood, these beds were insulated with fabric lining. That meant even on the coldest nights, people didn’t have trouble sleeping. Some historians also believe these beds served as protection. Wild animals that would sometimes creep inside of homes couldn’t reach babies who slept in a box bod. All the way around, they offered a lot of benefits.

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They should come back in style

Bringing new life to Medieval box beds isn’t a fad like seen with pet rocks, Pokémon Go, and yes, runway attire. Today, a lot of people are moving away from city life for something simpler. But many of the available houses in rural areas are older, meaning they don’t have good heating or cooling capabilities. Also, with box beds, a buyer could live in a house with fewer bedrooms.

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Small yet comfortable

Okay, so box beds aren’t huge but they provide ample room and they’re super comfortable. Not only that, but true box beds are gorgeous pieces of furniture. Most of these have ornate designs and they’re built to last. They’re not like the cheap furniture you buy today made of prefabricated planks of wood.

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These beds are simply beautiful

Whether you have limited bedroom space, inadequate heating or cooling, or you just want a stunning piece of furniture to showcase in your home, a Medieval box bed is a great option. Just imagine having people visit. They’ll marvel at how unique your beds are. These things are so well-made, you can easily pass them down from generation to generation.

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If nothing else, you could always create a box bed by turning a closet into one. The bottom line – bringing the box bed back doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Especially if you have a love for history and gorgeous furniture…this might be the way to go.

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