"Box beds" from medieval times are making a comeback for their benefits

Fashion trends are always being recycled, whether we know it or not. It may not have been intentional on your part, but that oversized belt you have was probably an idea taken from the 80s. Those frosted tips you just got in your hair? The late 90s, early 2000s. And oh yeah, that oversized flannel and Doc Marten combination? Definitely 90s (thanks, Kurt Cobain!).

No matter how silly they may seem, trends are always making their way back around. Medieval times are definitely making a comeback and it is no secret. Some women are taking inspiration from the big dresses that used to be worn, along with the corsets. A lot of artists will take inspiration from the time period, and regardless, we all love throwing it back and getting into costume, maybe even if it is just for Halloween.

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Along with clothing trends also come trends in other departments, like furniture. And (maybe unfortunately?) medieval times are making a comeback in that realm, too.

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Today, are beds are glorious, comfy pillows. They look like big white marshmallows and typically feel like they are made out of something from the heavens — feathers or some type of beautiful memory foam that shapes right to your body. We love our beds! In fact, we love them so much, it is sometimes hard to get ourselves out of them.

Before the beds we know and love today though, there were straw beds. And before that, there were what the medieval people call, “box beds.”

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Basically, it looks like an old fashioned cupboard from the outside. On the inside, there was a mattress and some blankets — basically like the bed we know today but enclosed by walls of wood!

If you’re claustrophobic, this understandably might not be the sleeping arrangement for you. However, if you can handle the tight space, there are also a couple of pretty good reasons behind the old fashioned box bed.

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In the 19th-20th century, most families lived and slept in a single room. Imagine doing that with your family today and you’ll probably come to the conclusion that you’d go insane… So it is for that reason that box beds were great: they gave family members space to be alone and away from their family members after a long day. Having your own little hide-out actually seems pretty cozy!

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Another good reason in favor of the box bed was the weather. Back in the old days, central heat wasn’t as common as it is today. Harsh winters would come and there would be no heating system. The enclosed box combined with extra blankets helped retain heat much easier.

It’s also said that box beds helped keep children safe from any predators while their parents were away at work. While this may not be the number one reason for a bed today, if you’re a person in need of some more protection, this could make you feel safe!

So what do you think? Does it make sense that box beds are said to be making a comeback? Would you ever consider getting one for yourself?

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