Mom gets a makeover for son's wedding and doesn't recognize herself in mirror

Weddings are always wonderful occasions, not just for the two people saying their vows, but for all their family and friends as well. It’s always enjoyable to get so many people together to spend a day celebrating the love of two of their nearest and dearest, and many people look forward to getting all dressed up for the big event so they can really savor every second of it.

That was the case for Penny, an Ohio man whose son was preparing to say “I do”.

Penny was so excited for the big day, and she wanted to look her best. In fact, she was willing to get a full-on makeover to help make the day a little more special for her son and his bride.

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So she paid a visit to Christopher Hopkins, also known as The Makeover Guy, a makeup expert who has successfully transformed countless people, bringing out their inner beauty with his magical makeover techniques and spreading a lot of joy and happiness wherever he goes.

Christopher met up with Penny and asked her to explain a little bit about why she wanted a makeover.

She said that she wanted to look her best for her son and future daughter-in-law on their wedding day, adding that she trusted Christopher and was willing to let him “do whatever” to give her a whole new look. And that’s exactly what he did!

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When she walked in, Penny was clearly a pretty lady, but it was clear to see that she didn’t spend too much time taking care of her hair and her face had a slightly tired look too. Christopher changed all of that!

He used makeup and false eyelashes to liven up her facial features, but the biggest change of all was to Penny’s hair.

Her formerly gray locks were totally transformed, with Christopher giving her a nutty brown style with curls and bangs that flatter her face and totally change the way she looks.

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Various commenters on the YouTube video said that she looked like a movie star after the makeover, and we’re inclined to agree! But what about Penny? What was her reaction?

Well, at first, she burst out laughing and just couldn’t control herself after seeing her face in the mirror!

Christopher has seen a lot of reactions in the past, but this was one of the funniest as Penny laughed so much he had to step in and wipe a little tear away from her eye so she didn’t ruin her makeup.

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She was totally surprised to see such a big difference, explaining that all the makeup made her look “so different” compared to what she was used to seeing when she looked in the mirror.

Christopher then explained how he’d used so much makeup initially to show her how glamorous she could look for a big event, like her son’s wedding, before peeling away the false eyelashes and making a few other little adjustments to give her a more natural, everyday kind of look.

Overall, the difference is truly staggering, and Penny sums it up best when she peers into the mirror one final time and just says “Wow!”

Watch the full transformation in the video below.

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