Mother wants 1-year-old to take a nap, but baby charms her way out of it

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Some people are so convincing, they can get their way with anybody. Sierra is one of those people, even though she’s still a baby.

Sierra’s mom often tries to get Sierra to behave at home. But Sierra always gets her way.

She can talk her mom out of anything. And that’s impressive when you consider that she can barely even speak words yet!

Rumble Viral/YouTube Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

One video perfectly sums this up. It begins with Sierra’s mom checking up on her daughter during nap time. But the mom discovers that Sierra is wide awake.

“Ummm, we’re sleeping?” Sierra’s mom asks.

Baby Sierra babbles back to her mom. The daughter isn’t saying any words, but it’s so easy to understand what she’s trying to say. She’s saying “Sorry mom, but napping was boring, so I’m just gonna play now.”

Then Sierra’s mom asks her daughter what exactly she is doing. The baby babbles back, trying to convey the following: “I’m just playing with my toy donkey. I’m one, so I’m old enough to decide what I can do with my life!”

Sierra gets up to look at her mom and smile, as if to stress the point that Sierra knows best.

Rumble Viral/YouTube Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

The baby’s mom then asks, “Are you supposed to be sleeping?” Sierra replies back “Yeah.”

So the mom says “Ok, let’s see it!”

Then Sierra goes “Ohhhhh.” As in ‘oh, THAT’S what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I’ll consider it.”

Then Sierra’s mom keeps on repeating that the girl is supposed to be sleeping. Sierra doesn’t lie down in her crib, however. Instead, she looks around confused.

Rumble Viral/YouTube Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

“Did you forget?” Sierra’s mom asks. “Yeahhh,” replies Sierra.

“Why don’t you go to sleep just now?” Sierra’s mom then asks. The baby starts to babble again. But before the mom gets another baby talk excuse, she cuts in with an “Ok, goodnight!”

Sierra pretends to listen to her mom and rests her head on her hand, while she’s still standing in her crib.

Rumble Viral/YouTube Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

The mother, annoyed now, tells Sierra to sleep on her pillow.

The baby then laughs, as if this has all been some big game. The video cuts out there. But it’s easy to predict that Sierra’s going to be cranky later from lack of sleep.

Luckily, Sierra’s mom uploaded this video to YouTube for the world to enjoy.

It soon went viral. To date, the video has gained over 3.2 million views. It also has over 13,000 likes and 700 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Rumble Viral/YouTube Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Clearly, everyone online is in awe of Sierra’s ability to talk her way out of what others want her to do.

Deep down, most of us wish that we could be more like Sierra. When our bosses ask us to do something we don’t like, how great would it be if we just babbled at them and then rested our heads on our hands? Sure, we’d be unemployed pretty fast. But at least no one tells us what to do!

Sierra has a bright future ahead of her.

With persuasive skills like that, she’s sure to be on the debate team at school. In fact, if she hones her powers of persuasion, she could well become the president!

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