Motorcyclists approach little girl’s lemonade stand then her mother realizes she’s seen them before

Nurses have always been one of society’s greatest heroes. No matter the place or hour, they will do whatever it takes to save anyone in a difficult situation.

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We’re talking about an honorable profession that not so many people pay attention to. After all, only a few know the amount of time nurses spend working and studying.

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One of the greatest examples of a good nurse is Daryn Sturch. This Indiana mom is known for always helping people who are in a dangerous spot. Even if the situation takes place in the most unpleasant moment.

The most famous case took place in September 2018 on State Road 19 near Denver, Colorado. Sturch was driving with her daughter, when a terrible accident happened in front of them.

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Unfortunately, it was one of those car accidents where many people get involved. The vast majority were bikers who were part of the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group. They could have died if the nurse wasn’t there.

Like a superhero, she told her daughter to wait in the car, and then she got out to save them. And while some of them were severely injured, she managed to save all bikers.

The unexpected element in the story was that the bikers never forgot what she did.

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After recovering from their terrible wounds, they wanted to thank her. Meanwhile, she continued with her day-to-day activities without knowing what was going to happen.

Once the bikers got out of the hospital, they decided to do something for her. Yet, they didn’t have too much information about Sturch.

The turning point in this history was when one of the bikers found her on Facebook.

After all, she posted a video of her daughter selling lemonades at the front of her house. They perfectly knew where the place was.

As you can imagine, Sturch was with her little daughter selling lemonades on a Saturday morning when they heard the sound of motorcycles.

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A couple of seconds later, the nurse watched how the people she saved parked in front of them. It was not only the people involved in the accident but also the whole Milwaukee Iron group.

Posted by Daryn Sturch onSunday, March 7, 2021

The coolest thing is that the whole moment was caught on video!

In fact, you can even watch how the bikers start forming a line to buy some lemonade and thank Sturch. What’s even more beautiful is that her daughter serves each biker with a smile on her face.

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After that, the bikers gave Sturch some T-shirts of the Milwaukee Iron group.

It was a heartwarming moment of joy and thankfulness.

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Believe it or not, the nurse shared the whole story on her Facebook account.

She posted some photos and even wrote her thoughts about this incredible experience.

Facebook – Daryn Sturch Source: Facebook – Daryn Sturch

“Thank you Milwaukee Iron for stopping at Bryanne’s lemonade stand and making her day. We love the T-shirt’s. #greatpeople. Spread love and stop negativity. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Not only understand each others individual and cultural differences but RESPECT them. I see a line of men and women with servants hearts,” Sturch wrote on her Facebook post.

Watch more about this beautiful story in the video below.

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Source: WRTV Indianapolis, Independent.