Police officers come together to help young mother fleeing an abusive relationship


Police officers are very compassionate people, and many go above the call of duty to help members of the communities they serve who are in need. Case in point, some Dallas-area police officers took it upon themselves to help a young mother who had fled from an abusive relationship.

Most heartwarming of all was the response from their fellow officers as they all rallied together to help the woman.

Responding to a call

YouTube - CBSDFW Source: YouTube - CBSDFW

The two officers, with the Dallas Police Department, had just finished up a call at an apartment complex when they got an invitation from a friendly two-year-old. The child invited them inside her apartment where they met her mother. After talking, the two officers, both of them women, were able to connect on a personal level with the mother of six.

She had fled an abusive relationship and now lived in an apartment with her children. Looking around, the officers discovered that the place had hardly any furnishings. The mother told them that even after months, she had been unable to afford to furnish the apartment. The family was even reusing old Styrofoam plates.

Wanting to help out

YouTube - CBSDFW Source: YouTube - CBSDFW

Forced to return to their job, the woman’s plight bothered the two officers for the rest of their shift. As they finished up their shift, they both knew what was going to happen.

“So, we’re coming back aren’t we?” one officer recounted saying in an interview with CBSDFW.

Other officers chip in as well

YouTube - CBSDFW Source: YouTube - CBSDFW

The two officers talked to their fellow officers, who were more than willing to help. Some even offered their time and labor outside of their regular job. In the end, the contributions were way more than they expected.

The two officers were able to generate enough money to buy essentials and other members of the force brought over more than a few gifts.

The family was grateful for the help

YouTube - CBSDFW Source: YouTube - CBSDFW

To say the mother and her children were stunned is an understatement.

“We told the children, ‘This is where you’re going to be sleeping.’ The excitement on their face was so heartfelt we had to fight back tears,” one of the officers said.

YouTube - CBSDFW Source: YouTube - CBSDFW

The two officers have a deep-felt love for the community that they serve and wanted to use their badge and the platform it gave them to help improve the lives of those in it.

“For me, it’s part of my job description. I think it’s part of my heart,” one of the officers said.

In a show of empathy for a mother down on her luck, the officers at the Dallas Police Department proved that police officers are more than simply upholders of the law; they are also caring members of their community.

“I wish I could do more than say thank you to everyone that contributed to me and my children. We love y’all and really love the things you gave us,” the mother said. “We are very much appreciative and grateful for you guys helping us.”

For more on this heartwarming story of a local police department’s devotion to its community, watch the video below.

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Source: CBSDFW

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