Parents organize photoshoot to capture newborn twin’s short life with emotional photos

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Childbirth should be a joyous occasion. These new parents learned something terrible about one of their babies. But they were determined to make the most of the child’s short time in the world.

When Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger learned that they were expecting a child, they were so, so happy. And then they learned that they were expecting twins. They couldn’t believe their luck.

Matthew Brentlinger/Facebook Source: Matthew Brentlinger/Facebook

But then the doctors gave the expectant parents terrible news.

One of the babies had a heart abnormality. They didn’t expect the baby to survive the nine months in the womb.

Nikita Borisov/Flickr Source: Nikita Borisov/Flickr

The other child was healthy. Yet the news of the abnormality haunted them.

From that day onwards, their joy turned to despair. They were heartbroken over their child, whom they couldn’t even hold, and worried about their other baby. What if something happened that put both the babies’ lives in danger?

Every piece of news that should have been a cause for celebration was overshadowed by their baby’s heart issues. They learned that the child with the abnormality was a boy. The healthy child was a girl.

The months passed, and the parents prayed that the babies would somehow pull through.

And then Lyndsay went into labor. She rushed to the hospital. Two babies, William and Reagan, came into the world.

CNN/YouTube/Lindsay Brown Photography Source: CNN/YouTube/Lindsay Brown Photography

Both seemed healthy. But the parents knew that this wasn’t the case. Still, it was a miracle for them to hold William in their arms.

The doctors said that they couldn’t tell how long William would live. He could be in the world for hours or days or weeks.

Lyndsay and Matthew knew that they had to cherish every second that they spent with William. They were determined to celebrate his time in the world, no matter how brief it was.

CNN/YouTube/Lindsay Brown Photography Source: CNN/YouTube/Lindsay Brown Photography

Mandy Edwards, Lyndsay and Matthew’s friend who is a photographer, was determined to help the family. So when the parents asked if she could do a family photoshoot with their babies at the last minute, she did what she could.

Mandy called up a friend, Lindsay Brown, to see if she could photograph the children. Lindsay canceled her other projects and drove to Lyndsay and Matthew’s home. She then proceeded to take some incredible photos of the babies. William and Reagan look so happy to be with their parents and one another.

CNN/YouTube/Lindsay Brown Photography Source: CNN/YouTube/Lindsay Brown Photography

Both babies were well behaved during the photoshoot. In fact, Mandy thought that William looked happy and curious. She noticed that he was always looking around, like he was taking everything in. Reagan slept like a little angel throughout.

The parents thanked their friend’s friend for taking the photos at such short notice. All three adults were crying at the end, knowing that this was perhaps the only thing that they could ever do for William.

Matthew Brentlinger/Facebook/Lindsay Brown Photography Source: Matthew Brentlinger/Facebook/Lindsay Brown Photography

Over the next week, William and Reagan remained happy and positive. The babies even enjoyed a Christmas Day together.

But then, three days after Christmas, William passed away.

The parents were obviously devastated. William only lived for a total of 11 days. But they knew that they had spent much more time with him than the doctors initially thought they would get.

Matthew Brentlinger/Facebook/Lindsay Brown Photography Source: Matthew Brentlinger/Facebook/Lindsay Brown Photography

Lyndsay and Matthew will always love William. When Reagan is old enough, they will tell her all about her brother and how much he loved being by her side.

Most of us cannot imagine going through something this tragic and difficult. But it’s clear that the parents gave their all to William while they could. Reagan is sure to grow up in a home filled with love and happiness.

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Source: CNN, Lindsay Brown Photography, Huffpost