People notice dog-shaped cloud in the sky, say it proves all dogs go to Heaven

We may not admit it, but we all spend time gazing at clouds and looking for shapes in them. But this dog-shaped cloud requires very little imagination.

Anyone who has ever owned a mischevious dog knows that they have a habit of getting everywhere they shouldn’t! But the dog in this photo has achieved something almost no dog can manage: he or she managed to sit among the clouds.

Pictures In History/Facebook Source: Pictures In History/Facebook

Ok, so it isn’t a real dog. But just look at how convincing it is!

It has a very prominent nose/chin, and you can literally see where its ear would be. On top of that, it’s sitting just like a dog does when it’s looking up at its owner, eager to get a treat or go on a walk.

But some people online have decided that this cloud does more than just resemble a dog. They have said that it must be proof of doggie heaven. So it’s not just any old cloud, it’s a ghost dog cloud.

Some people may think that it’s stupid to see a cloud that looks like a dog and gain hope that dogs’ souls live on forever. But why judge people like this?

If something gives people hope, then let them have their hope! There is so much cynicism in the world. Perhaps some people need an escape like this.

And the thing is that there are lots of photos of clouds that resemble dogs. The more you look at them, the more likely you are to also be convinced that something from up above is showing us that yes, all dogs really do go to heaven.

And the really weird thing is that it’s not just dogs that people are seeing in the clouds. There are all sorts of animals up there. Here are some of the most convincing dog and other animal clouds:

Pexels Source: Pexels

This cloud definitely has a dog face. You can even see the eye looking out.

Gorsjeanbrigitte/Instagram Source: Gorsjeanbrigitte/Instagram

This one is definitely a dog lying down or getting up.

It also looks like the dog has curls, meaning that it must be something like a poodle. You can almost hear it barking. That sunset in the background also looks beautiful.

Esergienko/Instagram Source: Esergienko/Instagram

The darker cloud around the ears and hair suggests that this is some kind of mix between a Maltese and something that would have longer ears, like a beagle.

Sundaycc_yorkie/Instagram Source: Sundaycc_yorkie/Instagram

Is this photo a fake, or did someone actually manage to take a picture of two dogs kissing just as the clouds above looked like two identical dogs kissing!?

If this photo is real, then it’s surely enough to prove that there are mysterious things at work in this world. Just look at it!

Hetspektakelvandewereld/Instagram Source: Hetspektakelvandewereld/Instagram

That’s clearly an eagle, swooping down onto a branch. So if there’s a branch, does that also mean that there’s a tree heaven? That’s good news for plants if the answer is yes!

Annekevanderjeugd/Instagram Source: Annekevanderjeugd/Instagram

Remember that moring when you woke up to find your pet goldfish floating at the top of the tank?

Well, there’s good news. The goldfish may have died, but his or her soul lives on, in the sky.

Needpix Source: Needpix

If you look very closely, this cloud resembles a french bulldog with angel wings, sat on top of a cushion.

Ok, this one is a joke. But surely all of the other images are enough to make you believe in animal heaven!?

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