Mom urges parents to be cautious – phone charger mistake had her toddler’s life at risk

Toddlers have a terrible habit of finding danger. When this mom turned her head away for a split second, her toddler’s life was a risk.

The anonymous mother in this story thought that she had done everything to babyproof her home. She was wrong. She had overlooked one incredibly dangerous thing, because she was so used to it.

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Every single day, the mother, like any other adult in the world, would plug her phone charger into a socket and charge her phone. This is a pretty routine part of life. But for young children, who cannot understand the dangers of electricity, it can be life-threatening.

All toddlers try to emulate their parents’ habits. It’s just a normal part of growing up. So when the mother’s child saw her plug her phone charger in and out every day, she thought she’d try it herself.

One day, the mother was looking away, when her daughter crawled over to her phone charger, which was already in the socket.

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The daughter picked up the end of the charger that goes into the phone and looked at it. The girl then tried to put this end of the charger into the socket.

Suddenly, there was a popping noise in the room. The mother looked over and saw sparks coming out of the socket. This was followed by smoke and flames.

The toddler got a terrible electric shock from the socket and got sent flying across the room.

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The mother rushed over to the toddler, her heart in her throat. For a few terrifying moments, the toddler was quiet. Then the child started screaming and sobbing loudly.

The mother picked the child up and started scanning her body. The baby had a terrible burn mark on her hand.

Within moments, the mother and the child were rushing to the emergency room.

While there, the doctors could not locate an exit wound. They thought that this meant the electric shock could have affected the toddler’s heart. The toddler then stayed overnight so that the doctors could perform lifesaving actions if her heart started to react to the shock.

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Luckily, by the morning, the toddler had not had any complications with her heart. The doctors said that she was in the clear and that she could go home. The baby was safe, but it could have been very different.

Days later, the toddler still had a burn on her hand, but otherwise, she was fine. She now knows to be wary of electrical sockets.

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The mother had never even considered the power strip to be a danger. But now she know.s To be extra safe from then on, she decided to hide all power strips in places that the toddler could not access.

Are all of your power outlets and power strips safe from toddlers? If not, then take drastic action! Get outlet covers and ensure that no toddler can ever access a power strip. It could literally save their lives.

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If you are ever in the vicinity of a child who suffers from an electric shock from a power outlet/strip, and they are still in contact with the electrical source, always remember to press any safety switches/insulate yourself before touching the child.

This will prevent you from sustaining any injury yourself.

No one wants to think about situations like this, but they are vitally important for any home that has young children.

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Source: CPR Kids/Facebook