Photographer visited Peru and captured the most gorgeous birds

Supreet Sahoo is a photographer who is from India and currently based in the United States, but he tends to find most of his inspiration in other parts around the world.

He loves traveling and birdwatching, so he visits all different kinds of places and shares his findings through his photography.

He has shared some of the shots he has gotten in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Brazil Atlantic forests and we have to say they are all pretty magical.

Supreet Sahoo Source: Supreet Sahoo

One of his latest adventures was a trip to Peru.

“Peru is a country well-known for Machu Picchu and, trust me, it is every bit as amazing as they say it is,” Sahoo shared via Bored Panda. “The scale, the grandeur, and the architecture are a marvelous experience to see.”

Supreet Sahoo Source: Supreet Sahoo

He went on to explain that, while all of these things are wonderful, he obviously ended up taking photos of birds. His whole visit to Peru was filled with bird photography.

Peru is actually home to the most diverse bird species, plus tons of scenic views, so it only makes sense that he’d spend most of his trip capturing its natural beauty.

Peru is where photographers and bird watchers aspire to go … It is a must-visit on every bird photographer’s bucket list. Peru is a birder’s paradise with the most beautiful avian treasury in the world,” he continued.

Supreet Sahoo Source: Supreet Sahoo

According to Sahoo, there are several amazing destinations to visit in Peru. It actually has 20 percent of the world’s total bird species, so it is chock full of gorgeous views and experiences. Fun fact: It also has the highest number of endemics in the world and it continues to grow every day!

So what kind of birds did Sahoo find?

Using a Canon 1D X Mark II and 600 mm, he took a photo of a Spatuletail Hummingbird, which looked extremely delicate. In the photo, it seems to be mostly black and white with small bits of deep blue, which really gives it a magical quality.

Supreet Sahoo Source: Supreet Sahoo

He also spotted a Swallow Tanager, which is a nearly solid aqua color. It is small, beautiful, and very bright.

Another bright bird he captured was a Golden-Tailed Sapphire, whose body transformed from metallic gold to neon green to royal blue. It basically looks like a rainbow in bird form.

One freakier-looking bird was the Rufous-Crested Coquette, which had a fairly normal body (shades of brown and black) but then had an intriguing upper part. Its face was fluorescent orange and spikey, almost as if the cute little bird was wearing a Halloween mask!

Supreet Sahoo Source: Supreet Sahoo

The Black-Faced Dacnis is a particularly stunning bird. In the photo, its body is black and light blue all over with a bright yellow eye. It looks so elegant and unique, it is hard to believe that it is even from nature!

To see more of his fascinating finds in Peru, check out his website here. Also, make sure to follow Supreet Sahoo on Instagram and Facebook!

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Source: Supreet Sahoo / Bored Panda