Brody the new police dog slept through his own swearing-in ceremony and it's too good

“I hate Mondays” is sort of a cliche now. Although in fairness, it’s hard not to understand how this cliche came about. Monday marks the end of the weekend. The day you have to go back to work or school. When you’ve just spent the last few days relaxing and unwinding, being forced to go back quite suddenly can make anyone go “Ugh no thanks”.

Now, we’re finding out that this feeling isn’t exclusive to us at all, thanks to this Labrador from the Bristol Police Department. To his credit, not many pets are required to go to work

This pupper’s name is Brody, and the police department recently officially recognized him as their K-9 comfort dog. A ceremony was in order for Brody, to be livestreamed on Facebook. This was going to be a big day for a 3-month old dog. Brody must have been excited!

Facebook screenshot Source: Facebook screenshot

Nope. Not even close. For the entire 6 minutes that his ceremony was being livestreamed, all he did was nap on the table. His fellow police officers recite the words and make the announcement to the Facebook audience. All while Brody couldn’t care less.

Even some of the other officers present at his ceremony couldn’t hide their giggles as Brody dozed through the ceremony, start to finish

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His name is a clever (and cute) derivative of the words “Bristol” with “Rhode Island”. Voila, you get “Brody”!

He was so committed to his nap that he even adopted a comfier sleeping position halfway through the ceremony

Instgram/bpdk9brody Source: Instgram/bpdk9brody

However important this honor may be, it’s clearly not as important as catching some extra sleep.

Instagram/bpdk9brody Source: Instagram/bpdk9brody

Can you blame him though? It was a Monday, and most people would definitely sleep through their school or job ceremonies too if they had that option.

The Bristol Police Department says that Brody came of age just in time. Since his job is to be a comfort dog, then now is a better time than ever to have him on board. People are stressed out, on edge almost constantly thanks to COVID-19.

Therapy and comfort is in high demand, and Brody is here to bring the supply

“Unfortunately, with what’s going on in the world today with COVID-19, we are unable to get as many interactions with the community as we would like. A typical day for Brody at this time is playing a lot and obviously sleeping a lot.”

Veteran homes and universities are some of the planned stops for Brody to visit. Stress levels are at a near all-time high thanks to COVID-19. Having a Labrador puppy on standby to give you some cuddles and stress-relief is just the treatment we asked for!

Instagram/bpdk9brody Source: Instagram/bpdk9brody

In fact, Bristol PD has several more schools planned for Brody to visit. Knowing how much Labradors love interaction and spreading their affection, we’re sure Brody would love nothing more than just that.

We’re glad that there are dogs like Brody helping the world out, one cuddle at a time

While we worry about our physical health, especially in the wake of the new Coronavirus, we shouldn’t forget that our mental health is just as important too. Don’t feel bad about seeking some hugs and cuddles with your pets if you really need them!

Or better yet, be the one to provide the hugs and cuddles. You’ll never know how much someone might need them right now.

If you want to see the ceremony Brody slept through yourself, then we’ve got you covered. Just play the video down below!

K9 Brody Swearing in Ceremony 4/6/2020

Posted by Bristol, R.I. Police Department on Monday, April 6, 2020

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Source: [BristolPD]