Everyone’s obsessed with this Pomeranian-Husky dog that looks just like a fox

Have you ever seen a dog and thought “OMG, I have to have one”?

Well, that’s not a terribly constructive way to think about getting a pet, but we’ve all been there. Especially when we see a dog so extraordinary that we can’t stop staring at it.

Specifically when we lay eyes on a dog like Mya:

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

Mya belongs to Dave Lasio who lives in South Florida, but the pair are prolific travelers as well (or, at least they were before we all stopped getting to leave our homes).

And while you might think she’s a fox (Lasio probably gets that A LOT), Mya is actually a Pomsky – a cross between a fuzzy little Pomeranian and a blue-eyed, majestic Husky!

As a result, she looks like a gorgeous, friendly, petite fox that you simply can’t look away from.

Check out this foxy little dog as a puppy. She’s just 10 weeks old in this photo:

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

After a photo of Mya made the rounds on Reddit in June of 2016, she became quite the little star. People were absolutely obsessed with the unique creature, who they compared to the Mozilla Firefox icon.

Here’s the pic that made this gorgeous little dog famous:

loopdeloops/Reddit Source: loopdeloops/Reddit

Of course, along with the chorus of “aww”s there was quite a bit of criticism as well, with plenty of people pointing out the problems with “designer dogs” and reminding people that they are simply mutts by another name.

Some even questioned the logic of breeding a Pomeranian with a Siberian Husky:

“The annoyance of a pomeranian with the strength, stamina and energy of a husky. Nope, nope, nopelinope.”

But there were far more fans of Mya out there than naysayers, and her Instagram account (which, sadly, hasn’t been updated in over a year) has over 55,000 followers!

Part of what makes Mya so unique is that Pomskys often tend to look more like tiny Huskies:

Wikimedia Commons Source: Wikimedia Commons

Still super cute, but not quite how Mya turned out.

However, one never knows what’s going to happen when you play with dog genes.

Just looks at Mya’s trademark Pomeranian tail!

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

Even today, Mya is still quite a star, despite her departure from the limelight.

Plenty of people are still commenting on the gorgeous photos of the pup traveling the country and doing everything from going on nature hikes in national parks…

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

…to sunning herself in the Florida Keys.

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

Of course, like any dog, Mya likes her chill time at home as well.

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

And speaking of “chill,” she’s a dog that also LOVES her snow!

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

This girl is an adventurer.

Though she is independent, she is also still man’s best friend and she’s very protective of her dad.

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

It certainly looks like Mya is living the good life. And her Instagram account is a great scroll if you like cute dogs and beautiful scenery (and who doesn’t?!).

Of course, in this time of quarantine, Mya’s vacation photos can be a little painful – we’d give anything to be posing near a waterfall right now!

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

And we could certainly use a day at the beach, too!

@myathepomsky/Instagram Source: @myathepomsky/Instagram

If you want to see Mya in action, scroll down below to see the pup take a swim (which we’re also aching to do right now), and keep an eye out for that poofy Pomeranian tail!

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Source: Bored Panda, u/loopdeloops via Reddit, @myathepomsky via Instagram