Professional dancer takes groomsman dance to a whole new level

If it weren’t for bridesmaids and groomsmen at weddings, the bride and groom would probably have meltdowns! They add so much fun and energy to the most exciting day of many people’s lives.

When it’s time for the reception, they often get everyone ready to dance and keep the energy high!

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The groomsmen and bridesmaids’ entrance is what kicks off the reception, and people can laugh, eat, and dance for hours on end! If you have an entertaining and exciting bridal party, you have an entertaining reception.

Kirk and Valerie had just exchanged vows and were officially man and woman… but there was something else coming.

Kirk is a professional dancer (as well as a married man, now). Deciding to surprise his wife, Kirk personally planned an incredible performance with his friends, who happened to be his groomsmen.

He needed to make sure he did a good job, too!

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Valerie isn’t just some casual onlooker, either – she is a ballerina! She knows good dancing when she sees it, and Kirk needed to do something amazing if he was going to impress his new wife.

Staring the dance with the famous “Uptown Funk,” we see just how talented Kirk is.

Eigh men stand behind Kirk, fanned out into a V. In the middle of the dance floor, Valerie sits and watches from the best view in the house. From her face, she was not expecting this!

When they start dancing, it’s more of a club-scene than a choreographed routine.

Despite every man dancing for himself, they did orchestrate a few specialty moves together! The seriously fun and hilarious moment had Valeria dying laughing. Imagine all those guys dancing with no abandon right in front of you. No way you’re holding back those laughs.

Soon, Uptown Funk ends, and all the men remove their suit jackets.

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What was next? It had to be Brittany b****. Crazy started playing through the room, and confetti blasted out of tubes and fell on the dancing men! With the guys striking moves only reserved for those performing with NSYNC, the entire dance is a success.

To continue the moment, they give a small tribute to the new bride.

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With a pirouette, the men strike a pose as a tribute to the ballerina bride in front of them. The triangle step with swaying hips shows just how fluid these semi-pro dancers can truly be.

There are truly too many moments to write them all down!

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There is one moment where they all don Aviator glasses and look as suave as can be, and another where they all wear cowboy hats and dance to country music! The entire thing is so well planned and executed Valeria HAS to approve.

Her face says it all!

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Smiling and happy as can be, we see the new couple hug as more confetti falls. Everyone cheers, and you can see that this relationship has had one happy beginning. Let the festivities begin!

You NEED to watch the whole dance below.

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