Bored puppy keeps himself occupied entertaining other passengers on flight

It’s almost safe to say that long flights are boring and most people (if not all) hate it, wouldn’t you agree? Not to mention the flight nightmares a lot of people have been sharing online.

There’ll be some inevitable circumstances that you’ll come across during a flight and the only thing that you can do is to ignore them. But how often do you see a dog on a flight?

Pretty much all airlines require pets to fly below deck with all of the luggage. It’s rare to see a dog enjoying a flight together with human passengers. And it’s exactly what this story is all about.

A bored puppy was doing all he could to entertain himself and every passenger on a flight from London to Ibiza.

The little guy stuck his head through the back of his chair and looked so adorable that the passengers behind couldn’t help snapping a few pictures of him! They shared the pics onto Facebook for us all to see, and our hearts can’t take these levels of cuteness.

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It was a big day for Huxley the Labrador pup, as he was flying out to Ibiza for the very first time with his mom! You’d expect a puppy to be pretty excited to be on their first-ever flight.

On the contrary, though, Huxley soon became bored.

“He was sat in the seat next to me but got in a mood which he often does when I don’t pay him enough attention,” Ursula Daphne Aitchison, Huxley’s mom, told The Dodo.

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After deciding that his mom wasn’t giving him enough attention, Huxley decided to go and sit on an empty seat next to the stranger in the row in front.

Being the cute puppy that he is, Huxley knows that it’s usually pretty easy to get along with strangers, and all was going swimmingly until he heard a noise. His mom was opening a snack, and Huxley knew that there was nothing he loved more than a tasty treat.

“He quickly changed his tune when he heard me eating my crisps,” Aitchison said.

Now, he’s torn choosing between sitting next to a friendly passenger and returning to mom for some treats but without attention.

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Luckily, Huxley is a quick thinker and immediately came up with a solution.

The hilarious pup stuck his head through the gap between the seats and stuck his tongue out in an attempt to get a bite of those delicious chips.

As he tried to take a bite, he’s able to make some comic faces, making people around him giggle in their seats.

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Huxley’s mom couldn’t resist getting a few action shots of her greedy pup.

Of course, she had to share them on her Facebook where they immediately went viral.

The post, captioned, “Guys I can’t breathe 😂😂😂,” received over 20k likes, as well as thousands of comments and shares.

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The bored furry passenger, Huxley, spent an ample amount of time trying to grab some snacks from mom. Sadly, all his efforts didn’t work so he went back to giving people around him good company.

“He spent 30 minutes in that seat; the man next to him said he was a very good passenger and the man across the aisle was taking selfies with him,” Aitchison said. “Huxley kept giving him his paw to hold. He was making lots of people laugh and the man next to me asked to take his photo to send to his daughter.”

The firsts in life are really meant to be memorable. In Huxley’s case, he didn’t only just have an unforgettable flight, he also made it worth remembering for the rest of the people that he was with on that flight.

Check out Huxley’s Instagram account hugoandursula, for more adorable pics of the sweet pup.

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Source: Ursula Aitchison, hugoandursula, The Dodo.