Woman shares easy and brilliant hack to remove fatty bits from chicken breast

Chicken is probably the most versatile meat you can work with in your kitchen. You can roast, grill, or broil it. You can even add it to your stews, soups, and potpies. If you’re in a rush, you can just make chicken tenders and you’re good to go!

Despite chicken’s status as an awesome all-rounder, prepping it isn’t that easy.

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Even seasoned home cooks experience difficulty in preparing it every now and then. This goes particularly true with removing those nasty and stubborn tendons from chicken meat.

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One woman is showing the world a game-changing hack in preparing chicken breasts.

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Mandy Klentz shared her trick on Tik Tok and it has gone viral quite easily. That’s not surprising at all. The tip is super easy and requires no complicated tools. All you’ll need is your fork and chicken breast. Within minutes, you’ll have your chicken breasts ready for your recipe.

Start by sliding your fork under the white fat.

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Make sure to hold your meat in place.

With a paper towel, grab the tendon.

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The paper towel helps make sure that the piece won’t slip from your hands. Tendons have this slippery exterior that makes them a bit tricky to keep in place.

Carefully pull the tendon and you’re done.

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See? That’s super easy, right?

The viral TikTok hack amazed millions of people.

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And not just that. They found themselves trying it out, too!

One TikTok user reacted:

“I was today years old when I learned this! awesome m!”

Another one shared:

“52 yrs old, been cooking big ole southern meals since 16 and I DID NOT KNOW THIS!”

There was also this user who got extra excited with the hack. She shared:

“I had actually planned to make fried chicken tenders for dinner, saw this, tried it and then annoyed everyone with my excitement every single time.”

If this is the first time you heard abou this trick, reading those comments will make you want to give it a try.

Mandy shares other tips, too.

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She’s not just into sharing chicken hacks. She also shares recipes on her Instagram account.

In the last couple of years, she started a health and business online.

It’s turning out great. Using social media, she was able to earn money while looking after her kids at home.

When she filmed her footage, she didn’t know how TikTok works.

She was just posting random things. One day, she searched for tips on how to remove chicken tendons. Like most of us, she doesn’t really like that chewy part. She Googled for tips and found an old video. Mandy tried it and it worked!

Now, she wants the whole world to know that. And if she ever finds more tips on preparing chicken, she’ll make sure to share them with everyone, too.

Watch the video below!

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