Man with Down syndrome saved up for years for his dream custom suit – and it was so worth it

If you ever need a stylish custom suit, Richards Bespoke in Nashville, Tennessee has quite the track record of making men look magnificent.

They even dress football icon Patrick Mahomes.

The suit shop is run by Stephen Richards, Jr., who is now going viral for making one very snappy suit for a client.


Another one of Richards’ clients is a man named Jon. Jon has Down syndrome and his body type doesn’t lend itself towards off-the-rack looks when it comes to suits.

But he had always wanted one, so he saved up his paychecks from the grocery store where he works and splurged on a bespoke suit.

In a post on his social media channels that was then reposted by Love What Matters, Richards’ shared Jon’s story. He began by noting the challenge the man faced in finding the right fit:

“Meet Jon. Jon works part time at Kroger and it’s been his dream to purchase a custom suit from us ever since his father was fitted for one a few years ago. Being 48” tall and having a 42” chest, there is literally no where he can buy a suit that remotely fits.”

A big splurge

Bespoke suiting is quite an investment (for anyone!), so saving the money was a big commitment and it took a few years for Jon to save up.

But the outcome couldn’t have been better. Both men were thrilled at the result:

“Jon has been saving up for the past year so he could finally wear something he’s comfortable in. Last week, Jon came in to pick up his suit and his reaction was one I’ll never forget. This is why I do what I do.”

We think Jon looks amazing. And his power pose shows just how much clothes can “make the man.”

A privilege

Richards feels like he’s the lucky one in all this – and not just because of the attention his business is getting. He already had a celebrity client base.

But he was heartened at the positive reactions Jon’s amazing new look received.

He told Fox News:

“When I posted Jon’s story on Facebook, I had no idea how much positivity it would spread across the country and world. We have been overwhelmed with kind words from people everywhere, and are thrilled that Jon’s story has inspired others. Jon is incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support he has received. For most people, finding a well-fitting suit isn’t a life-altering experience, but for Jon it was, and we are so grateful to have been a part of Jon’s suit journey. The smile on his face when he tried on the suit for the first time was priceless, and serves as a reminder of why I do what I do.”

Thousands of positive comments poured in from around the world, including from those with Down syndrome or their parents.

“Having a son who rocks a little something extra like Jon, this makes a momma heart happy. Thank you for being so wonderful not to mention that’s an awesome suit!!! Great job and I will be referring to to all my friends in Nashville!” said one mother.

We couldn’t agree more. Next time we’re in Nashville, we’ll have to stop by (he works on women’s suits too!)

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