Russia's coldest city received two months worth of snow in just 5 days – the photos are unreal

If you thought Alaska can be cold, wait until you see these stunning photographs shared on social media about Russia’s coldest city! Welcome to Norilsk, Russia’s northernmost city, just above the Arctic Circle with more than 100.000 citizens.

The people living in this industrial city face continuous darkness for more than 40 days every year and twit the temperatures falling down to -27.4°F in the winter months.

A month ago the region experienced a continuous 5-day snowfall that covered the city in white and made it impossible for the citizens to carry on with their daily routines. Nearly 400,000 tons of snow were removed from the streets!

Sit comfy and enjoy these surreal photos!

1. Like a Modern Painting

It’s a really amazing landscape, what a view must this person enjoy up there! And it definitely resembles those early 20th century paintings.

2. No Light

Poor kid trying in vain to catch a glimpse of the outside! And how captivating it must be in his/ her eyes this sight, all this magnificent snow without being able to rush outside and play!

3. Under the White Blanket

Although this snow is a sight to behold, it definitely makes you wonder how the civilians are coping with their everyday chores. It doesn’t seem at all easy venturing outside for the simplest of things like going to the grocery store.

4. Difficult Times to visit a Hospital

While all the world stays paralyzed as COVID-19 still spreads throughout the globe, can you imagine needing to access a hospital while being severy sick and not even an ambulance can reach you?

5. Lonely

Although, it seems like something out of fairy tales, as who would have imagined that this amount of snow was even possible outside the poles, yet no one would have guessed how difficult would make the lives of Russian people. Having to walk all the way to your work or home daily in these freezing temperatures, it’s more like a nightmare than a “fairytale”!

6. Through the Snowy Lens

Instagram is full of civilians documenting their take of the snow and how they deal with it. Truth be told the photos are incredible and it really makes you wish to have been there and experienced it firsthand. Who knows maybe it will snow in the States too?

7. Polar Fox in the Snow

What an amazing opportunity to see a Polar fox! They are very beautiful animals, known for their amazing white fur. They are usually found in cold areas like Norilsk. However, to see a fox in the city, it wouldn’t be normal if it hadn’t snowed, as they keep away from crowds and noisy places.

8. A Snowy Night

Imagine having to leave the warmth and coziness of your lovely flat in order to venture outside, only to meet with little snow hills under which your car might be buried. Start digging, and who knows, if you don’t freeze to death, you might be able to find your car!

9. Just Another Bright Day

It’s truly unimaginable how these people fare with so much snow, especially if they need urgent supplies. Maybe the citizens of Norilsk are experienced and once the first snowflakes begin falling, they know how to get ready for weeks or even months of lockdown and isolation.

10. White Christmas

Twitter Source: Twitter

Christmas is just the best time of the year and undoubtedly we have associated this Holiday with snow. Norilsk couldn’t miss out on this joyful season, what is a city without their customary Christmas tree? What a better picture than a beautiful green Christmas tree covered in white. The only thing missing is a group of Christmas Carolers!

11. Suffocating

The view although mesmerizing it’s truly “suffocating” and claustrophobic. Imagine being afraid of enclosed spaces and having to see this kind of view from your windows. You would think you are buried alive!

12. Let’s Take the Bus

Not a good idea to go waiting for the bus now. Here is a hint, the bus will probably not pass unless we are talking about a huge snowmobile, because the snow seems too high and thick to even walk through it.

If you enjoyed looking at these incredible photos and you have missed the snow, don’t hesitate to plan a trip to the lovely yet cold Norilsk in Russia. Better though to wait for the weather forecast before you book your flight as you might be stranded alone in the middle of this snowy city, and as it’s evident in the pictures, you will probably need some special training in order to survive!

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Source: BoredPanda, Wikipedia