Scotland ups the punishment for animal abuse and cruelty to 5 years in prison

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi

How many times have you seen cases of animal abuse and cruelty? We all know that these crimes happen a lot, and sometimes, most of these sad cases wouldn’t even get reported.

It’s so hard to even comprehend how these people live their “happy” lives while doing something so cruel. From allowing a dog to stay outside chained, animal fights, domestic abuse to pets, to animal slaughter – these are all animal cruelty.

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These animals can’t even talk; they can’t call the police and ask for help. All they can do is to accept their gruesome fate. We don’t even know how close we are to an animal that is being abused right at this moment.

What can we do about it? What can our government do?

Battersea is just one of the organizations who stood up for this change and according to them:

“We’re really grateful to all of our supporters who wrote to MSPs to call for a change in the law. The Scottish Government has sent out a clear message that Scotland will not tolerate the most heinous animal cruelty crimes and will respond accordingly. We believe that this change will help protect innocent animals and act as a proper deterrent to those who abuse and mistreat animals.”

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The previous prison sentence of animal abusers in Scotland was only a maximum of 12 months!

This was unacceptable, and it was about time that things change – for the better.

The Scottish government made it clear that they will not tolerate any kind of animal abuse and cruelty. They also announced that they will act accordingly to those who would be found guilty.

They have just strengthened their Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, and the new law has already taken effect.

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The bill that had taken effect was passed by all the Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP). People who have been found guilty of any animal cruelty act or abuse can now be sentenced up to a maximum of 5 years in prison. This is in comparison to the maximum punishment of up to 1 year in the old law.

People are cheering! It was about time the government acted seriously about animal cruelty.

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Aside from the change in the maximum punishment, the new bill made it clear that they have added unlimited fines to those who will practice cruelty to animals.

Now, we’re hoping that these people will start to re-think how they treat animals.

Most of these abusers think that they can get away from the law because they’re not doing anything serious, but they are wrong.

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This new bill will make a huge difference, and according to the Spokeswoman of Battersea, in London:

“We believe that this change will help protect innocent animals and act as a proper deterrent to those who abuse and mistreat animals.”

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Along with the new law to protect innocent animals, they also want the people to act for the animals that need their help. Do something for them, don’t be afraid to report if you know or see any type of animal abuse.

That innocent animal you saw who was suffering needs you. Be that animal’s voice – cry for help. Don’t be scared.

Let this beautiful change start with us, let their voice be heard through us. Hopefully, more countries will get inspired by Scotland’s new law.

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