Devoted cop refuses to leave injured dog’s side until help arrives

Sergeant Chris Howlett had no idea that his actions would go viral when he stopped to help a dog that had been hit by a car. The photo of him helping the female boxer mix named Rogue has since gone viral. Initially posted on the Chautauqua County Sheriff Facebook page, the photo has been shared on news sites around the world.

Sgt. Howlett responds to a call about an animal in distress

Facebook/Chautauqua County Sheriff Source: Facebook/Chautauqua County Sheriff

“It’s been a little overwhelming,” Sgt. Howlett told The Post-Journal. “To be honest, I’m not the type to be in the spotlight or to go looking for attention.”

Howlett and his partner, Deputy Jason Beichner, had responded to a report of a dog struck by a car. Upon arriving, they found Rogue in the ditch. Howlett removed his jacket to keep the dog warm while Beichner left to locate the animal’s owner. A photo of Howlett helping Rogue was taken and sent to the Chautauqua County Sheriff, which posted it to their Facebook page, commenting:

“During times that there seems to be negative press towards law enforcement, this shows a bit of compassion on the part of law enforcement and specifically our deputies. Sgt. Chris Howlett seen comforting a dog that had been struck by a vehicle. She was reunited with her owners who are monitoring her condition. She sustained minor injuries but is expected to be okay.”

An update on Rogue

Facebook/Chautauqua County Sheriff Source: Facebook/Chautauqua County Sheriff

A week later, the Chautauqua County Sheriff put out an update on the dog:

“**Update** The family has reached out to provide an update. Her name is Rogue and she is being evaluated by Veterinarians. She is doing well and hopefully will back home by Monday. I am sure the family has greatly appreciated the outpouring of support from everyone.”

Other hero cops who have helped animals in need

WFTV-9 Source: WFTV-9

In a similar case, Osceola, Florida, County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Josh Fiorelli is being hailed as a hero for helping a dog he came across on his patrol. The dog was lying on the ground, shivering from the cold. Fiorelli placed his coat over her to keep her warm and stayed with the dog until help arrived.

“It was cold out. She was wet. She didn’t have anyone there so I decided to be that person,” Fiorelli said in a WFTV interview.

WFTV-9 Source: WFTV-9

The dog ended up having surgery after being taken to the Osceola County Animal Shelter. The dog had no microchip or collar, which makes it difficult to find an owner. The dog is expected to be okay despite her injurie4s, which included a dislocated leg.

Police officer rescues dog and falls in love

8 Below Husky Rescue Source: 8 Below Husky Rescue

One case of helping a dog ended up in the responding officer adopting him. It all started when Officer Hannah Moffit noticed the husky getting hit by a car. She rushed over to the dog, which she ended up naming Thor, and tried to keep him calm until the dog warden could arrive.

During these initial moments, Moffit fell in love with Thor. When the owner was contacted, he requested that Thor be put to sleep. The vets were able to convince the owner to relinquish Thor into their care. Moffit quickly put in a request to adopt him and soon became his new owner.

Police officer saves dog hit on a busy highway

Facebook/Pinellas Park Police Department Source: Facebook/Pinellas Park Police Department

This last case is about another Florida Police Officer who went out of his way to help a dog in need. Officer Joseph Puglia saw a dog get hit by a car on a busy Interstate. Not hesitating, he pulled over and stopped traffic while he helped the injured dog. The dog, which they nicknamed Lucky, was taken to the vet with minor cuts and bruises and eventually made a full recovery.

You can watch the whole incident play out in the video below.

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