Single mom takes risk, builds tiny home, and now lives on just $75 per month

It’s not easy to make ends meet, especially when you are single parent. For Michelle “MJ” Boyle, a single mother of two, her life has always been a roller coaster with two failed marriages behind her.

She used to have own two houses, but she lost them when she filed for divorce. She may be living a life of struggle, but this strong mother is not willing to give up just yet.

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A mom, a fighter and a winner

MJ did not have retirement money, and with her children going to college, she had to work multiple jobs and double shifts to cover all their expenses. On top of all that, she also had to run a household and look after her kids while paying bills and school needs.

“My life has been a series of unfortunate events. I have been divorced twice. I have built two houses and I lost the houses basically in the carnage of my divorces.”

It’s not an easy battle, but she was determined to win. Her unbending spirit is what kept her fighting throughout the years not just for her kids, but for herself as well.

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It is also the fighter inside her that gave her the courage to act when she found an opportunity to save up so she can buy an affordable but comfortable house for her and her children. Eventually, MJ was able to build a tiny, yet beautiful home.

Her charming “nest”

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MJ loved to call her home her “empty nest”. It is a home made just for her. It was the first of the many tiny houses that she is planning to build as part of her strategy on how to generate income.

“I built my first house, this house, basically using cash and sponsorships to make sure that I have a paid-for nice, comfortable house when I retire. Now I’m building a few more tiny houses that I look forward to renting like on Airbnb or a try it tiny or other VRBO kind of platforms and create some income so, that’s next.”

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Saving for the future

One major benefit of her new perspective in home building is that she gets to cut her expenses big time! Only a year before she lived in the tiny house, MJ’s living expenses for her family is roughly $1,600 a month.

But after residing in her charming little home, the single mom is now spending about $75 dollars a month. Now, that’s quite a huge amount of savings!

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She used to rent a house in Sherwood, Oregon for her and her kids, which meant she could not save up as much as she wants to. She was living from paycheck to paycheck and with her kids about to enter college, the brave mom knew she needed to do something for them to live a better life and to support her kids’ tuition.

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For a start, MJ made more efforts to lessen her costs and decided to join an an architectural and social movement named Tiny House Movement. The group aims to encourage people to live simply by residing in small spaces. Tiny home living has made positive changes in some people who are struggling financially before they discovered the said movement.

A venue for creativity

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Aside from the fact that living in a tiny house reduces expenses, it is also an opportunity for people to be creative with their designs. Fully utilizing a small space requires imagination and careful designing, and this gave MJ a change to let her creativity flow.

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The single mom pulled off a tiny yet amazingly cozy home. With a spending of $75 and a cute, comfy home, the risk MJ took was definitely worth it.

Press play in the video below to have a tour of MJ’s adorable little home.

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