Six-year-old and her mother go viral after singing “Shallow” duet

Do you remember little five-year-old Sophie Fatu from America’s Got Talent? She was the youngest contestant to be on the hit show. Simon Cowell tried to set her up with his son Eric while on the show due to Eric’s crush on Sophie. It was the sweetest moment. Eric was embarrassed and Sophie amazed everyone by belting out “New York, New York,” by Frank Sinatra.

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Definitely a moment worthy of television history. While she didn’t make it through after that round, Sophie was one to remember.

Judges were most impressed that at just five she could remember all the words while changing her pitch. There are adult singers that struggle with remembering the lyrics and the notes that accompany the words.

Now, she’s gone viral again for her redefinition of “Shallow,” from the hit movie “A Star is Born,” starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The video has over 3.7 million views already and at the time of writing has 197k likes.

This writer is insanely impressed because, at just six, Sophie nails the words and keeps up with her mom who accompanies her.

In the video we can see the love and excitement they both have to be able to do this together.

While mom is preparing to sing, Sophie looks at her with so much love in her eyes. It’s obvious this is her passion in life and what she wants to do. Singing with her mom is just that more special.

Sophie Fatu YouTube Screenshot Source: Sophie Fatu YouTube Screenshot

Sophie starts the song off, taking over Bradley Cooper’s role in the song. She is ready to go from the very first note! While perfecting every note, she never takes her eyes off of her mother.

Right before mom, Vicky Fatu, begins to sing, the two share a moment that is beyond sweet. It is apparent their bond is unbreakable.

Sophie Fatu YouTube Screenshot Source: Sophie Fatu YouTube Screenshot

When Vicky begins singing, it’s obvious where Sophie got her talent from.

Vicky is no stranger to the spotlight as she began her singing career just a little bit older than Sophie. Vicky is a concert pianist and singer in her own right.

Vicky grew up in Russia and is very well known there.

“I was a little older than Sophie when my career started,” Vicky told the Daily Press. “I was discovered very early and I toured and traveled the world. I played for the Pope and the Queen of England and also won the World Piano Competition at the age of 13. It was a fun life.”

When no one wanted to work with her after having kids, she decided to focus on her family. Believing that her music dreams were going to be put on the shelf for a bit, as most parents do with their dreams.

“I believe things happen for a reason and that there’s a right time for everything. Thanks to Sophie’s career taking off, that has led me into meeting my new manager and am back to performing and to claiming what was mine all those years ago,” Vicky said to the Daily Press.

Sophie Fatu YouTube Screenshot Source: Sophie Fatu YouTube Screenshot

Could that mean a joint album and tour between mother and daughter?

The world can only hope so!

In the meantime, we can enjoy watching Vicky and Sophie belt out hits on YouTube. Sophie and Vicky have their own channels below and they are sure to bring a little joy to your life every time you watch a new song.

Check out Sophie and her mom in the Shallow duet that made them go viral below.

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Source: Sophie Fatu, Daily Press, Talent Recap