Soldier stops car to pay his respects to funeral procession in touching moment caught on video

Kristy, a TikTok user from Tennessee, filmed a touching video of a funeral procession for a police officer in March 2021. A soldier pulls over on the side of the road to salute the long line of police cars. The video got more than 260k likes, and thousands of users commented on the kind gesture.

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You have probably witnessed one of these sad occasions when an entire community comes to a standstill as a funeral procession winds its way to the cemetery. Law enforcement officers risk their lives daily to serve the public good. Therefore, such service and dedication deserve respect and honor. It is particularly important to honor them after those brave people pass away, whether on duty or otherwise. We bring you a video that’s a perfect reminder of how empathetic, caring, respectful, and kindhearted people can be.

While returning from a lunch break, Kristy saw a man pull over, and she wondered what was going on.

“I knew when I saw him pull over. I was like, ‘What’s going on?’, and then I saw them coming from a distance, and I stopped,” explained Kristy in the video. The lady filmed it from inside her car, and you can see that she’s barely holding back the tears. Yes, the moment is heart-wrenching.

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According to Kristy, this is common to see when living in the South. Most Southerners in the comments section agreed with her, saying that people typically honor the funeral procession, similarly taking the time to wait in silence.

The man can be seen standing still on the side of the road.

He’s holding one hand in the air, saluting the police cars, while his other hand is close to his body. The car line is huge, but the man doesn’t move. “Look at that young man,” says Kristy, adding “my uttermost respect to you.”

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We agree, he deserves all the respect because of caring for a fallen colleague. One TikTok user commented: “This is beautiful. Just saw a video of someone from the U.K. asking why Americans think America is the best country. This. This right here.”

Do we need to say more?

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“You never know how much time you have left on Earth.”

Interestingly, Kristy ends the video with a thought-provoking sentence about how fragile life is. Indeed, we are all here temporarily. Therefore, being loving and generous is the best way to live. It costs nothing but pays off twice as much.

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Another person wrote a loving comment, saying, “Mad respect for that soldier. Where to find this man so that we can all thank him?” No one knows the man’s name, but let’s just say that he represents all the kind people worldwide. Thank you, dear sir, for making us think about the good in our actions.

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Do you remember the soldier who saluted the funeral procession in the rain?

It’s not the first example of soldiers honoring their colleagues who passed away. In 2017, a similar thing happened in Tennessee. Col. Jack Usrey got out of his jeep and stood still in the pouring rain until the funeral procession passed.

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Again, a lady filmed it all from her car. Her name s Erin Hester, and she managed to identify Mr. Usrey. She found him eventually, and the two of them shared a big hug. It’s incredible how much impact can one good deed have on people. Keep that in mind, and do your best to set a positive example.

To see the soldier’s touching act of kindness, click on the video below.

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