Southwest Airlines workers make breakfast for 100 soldiers stranded overnight at the airport

In just two weeks, a Facebook post by airline worker Hayle Daun Griffith has been shared over 20,000 times after she detailed the good deeds done by Southwest Airlines employees at Wichita’s Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport.

Griffith showed up to work bright and early at 4:30 AM to begin her shift when she saw an unlikely sight – about 100 stranded troops spread out around the airport.

Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook Source: Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook

After employees asked around about the reason for the surprise military presence, they found out that their plane had to stop for fuel the night before on a cross-country trip.

The soldiers were Marines traveling from the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (also known as 29 Palms) in southern California.

But for passenger safety, airline crewmembers can only work a certain number of hours in a day (between 9 and 14) and they must have 10 hours off between shifts. The Marines’ flight crew had “timed out,” meaning that couldn’t continue all the way to California without passing their limits.

That meant the Marines and crew had to spend the night in Witchita, Kansas – and the Marines had to spend that time in the airport since no one was footing the bill for hotels!

Since airport restaurants close down at night, the soldiers had been stranded without food.

Now here’s the wonderful deed – despite the fact that the soldiers weren’t flying Southwest, the airline employees decided they would do something kind to support those troops – they’d make sure they got a good breakfast.

Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook Source: Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook

The workers banded together to not only take care of their regular duties but personally track down the ingredients and hand-make 200 breakfast burritos.

They also went out and got boxes of doughnuts, milk, and orange juice.

Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook Source: Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook

The soldiers smiled as they were served by grateful airline employees thanking them for their service.

Someone even made a big cardboard sign for the photo op saying “Wichita Southwest LOVES our military. Thank you for your service.”

Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook Source: Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook

You can see from the photos that other customers are still being helped with their arrangements as the Southwest employees stretch themselves to make sure everyone is accommodated. That’s certainly more than we’ve come to expect from a trip to the airport!

Griffith expressed her pride for her employer, saying “This is another one of the many reasons I love the company I work for” before adding three hearts in the airline’s signature colors.

Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook Source: Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook

It’s great to see both support for soldiers and pride in one’s own work. Commenters felt the same way as they lavished praise upon everyone involved.

“Way to go! You are to be commended for your caring and thoughtfulness. Southwest ROCKS!”

“Thank you. They are all someone’s family member and the family was worried. You served the soldiers and their families. Well done, SouthWest!”

Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook Source: Hayle' Daun Griffith/Facebook

Surprisingly, the comments didn’t get too political, even as people took the opportunity to say this is exactly what America should look like.

“That’s how America works when you leave the politics out! Thank you Southwest for being there to help,” said one commenter.

It is, indeed, good to see everyone working together to help one another, politics aside.

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