This succulent has see-through leaves and they look like shiny gems

The succulent-craze is upon us! Readily available, these plump plants having enjoyed taking over the mainstream gardening market for some years now.

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The appeal? Their thick fleshy leaves and stems are adapted to holding a fair amount of water and as a bonus are very attractive. In fact, succulents thrive on the typical form of neglect we are guilty of giving our plants from time to time. So for those who don’t come readily equipped with a green thumb, rejoice! The quickest way to kill a succulent is by watering it too much.

Seemingly, this level of commitment is just right for the current generation, making succulents a top contender for home gardeners and apartment dwellers alike.

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You may already be familiar with many of the plants that the succulent family encompasses: hens and chicks, jade plants, and aloe to name a few. But once you get acquainted, you quickly discover that there is a wide, beautiful, and sometimes strange variety of succulents out there just waiting to be cultivated.

Meet Haworthia cooperi, a tiny succulent with beautiful see-through leaves!

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This shiny plant goes by many names including the cushion aloe, the star window plant, and the zebra aloe. The most noticeably striking aspect is surely the crystalline, transparent leaves it holds.

As the light penetrates the leaves it resembles a garden of shiny gems.

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According to an article published on Green and Vibrant, this slow-growing plant is native to the Eastern Cape province in South Africa. There are thirteen stunning varieties that all showcase the translucent trademark. The plant has “densely packed fleshy blue-green leaves which form a rosette shape.”

This stunning specimen doesn’t require a lot of your attention, but will happily keep gleaming for you.

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Luckily, you can enjoy the beautiful benefits of having this plant in your garden without putting in a lot of effort. This is what makes succulents so enticing! Apparently haworthia cooperi plants are not “big drinkers”, and can withstand periods of drought. If you were to leave on vacation they would not be likely to perish.

Green and Vibrant offers some valuable advice for plant-care:

“If you are ever unsure whether to water the plant, then simply don’t! Overwatering this succulent is a much bigger problem than underwatering it, so err on the side of caution if you are conflicted. In the winter, you should dramatically decrease watering your haworthia cooperi houseplant. A monthly watering will likely be enough to keep it ticking over until spring rolls around again.”

The next time you’re on the hunt for a new plant addition, bring home this jewel!

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The hawaorthia cooperi doesn’t like full or direct sun, but it enjoys bright light. And as soon as the light comes shining through you will treasure these glassy leaves for times to come. Fortunately, a quick search on the internet yields some promising results from vendors.

Ready to take the plunge? Check out the video below for some more plant-care tips!

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