Sweet Bull mastiff brings baby brother his favorite toy whenever he cries

If you happen to be one of the millions of people who own a dog, you might know that bringing a new baby home can be a tricky situation. You don’t always know how your pup is going to react. You hope for the best, but there is a lot for your furbaby to adapt to and a short amount of time to do it in.

Their whole routine will have to be worked in around taking care of the baby. There will be new, strange smells to learn, weird noises they aren’t used to, and quite a bit less time in the limelight. Bringing a new baby into the home can be a rough time for your dog.

Fortunately for a California-based couple, their dog Brutus seemed to be made for being a big brother.

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Brutus is a happy-go-lucky Bullmastiff that was adopted by his humans 4 years ago in 2016. His parents have always considered Brutus to be their very first baby. When the sweet dog’s mom, Bonnie Michalek, found out she was pregnant, she already knew she had nothing to worry about.

She knows how sweet and affectionate her Brutus is, and knew he would take to the baby right away.

He’s always loved kids. Every time he’s heard kids outside laughing, he gets excited,” Michalek explains in an interview with The Dodo.

Instagram/captainbrutus Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

As a matter of fact, Brutus is so in tune with kids that his mom believes he knew she was preggers before her.

Brutus knew I was pregnant before I did — he definitely sensed it before I knew. On the nights my husband was working Brutus refused to be in his crate,” the doting mom continued.

She went on to explain that she thought her dog might not be comfortable in the crate at first. She tried to arrange it so he would have more space, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. He wanted to be right next to his mama. In retrospect, Bonnie believes Brutus was just doing his part to protect her because he knew his baby sibling was in there.

Instagram/captainbrutus Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

The Michaleks went out of their way to make the adjustment for their dog to the new baby as smooth as possible.

Brutus was with them as they prepared the house to bring his baby brother home. When the time came to bring baby Kayden into the world, though, Brutus had to stay with his grandparents. When they brought their big ol’ furry ball of love back home, Bonnie made sure to spend a little alone time with him before introducing him to his baby brother.

When she had spent a little time with him, she let the dog inside to see dad and meet Kayden.

Brutus completely bypassed my husband to meet Kayden. He immediately wanted to give him kisses and snuggle up to him,” remembers Bonnie of the adorable moment.

Instagram/captainbrutus Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

Brutus’s bond with his baby brother was instant and unbreakable.

From the first moment he got to greet and kiss baby Kayden, the dog has been right by him. Whenever Kayden starts to get fussy or if Brutus hears him start to cry, the sweet dog will instantly appear by his side, willing to do anything to bring him comfort.

What really took Bonnie by surprise was how Brutus chooses to go about cheering up his baby brother.

The first thing Brutus does to calm his brother when he’s upset is bring him his own favorite toy; a big, furry, stuffed yellow ball.

He grabs his favorite toy to bring it to Kayden to console him!” Bonnie exclaims.

Instagram/captainbrutus Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

When Bonnie says her dog brings her son his favorite toy, it’s no exaggeration.

Brutus’s fluffy ball is the only one he has babied since he was young. Every other toy gets torn to shreds within a few minutes, but this one seems to make him feel more at ease. So, it only makes sense that when he’s trying to cheer up his little brother that he would bring the one toy that makes him feel better.

Instagram/captainbrutus Source: Instagram/captainbrutus

Fast-forward a few years later, and Brutus and his baby brother are still as tight-knit as ever. Kayden is a lucky boy to have such a great brother around to show him how the world works.

If you would like to see Brutus’s adorable first meeting with his baby brother, watch the Michalek’s video below.

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