Young tattooed dad breaks down upon meeting his newborn

Are you really living if you haven’t melted over a baby, even once? A new family member is always a blessing, and there’s few things as precious as holding a child for the first time.

A lot of people know the anxiety in the waiting room, and the sound of the doctors helping to deliver the baby. Everything changes when you hear the crying. This is the baby’s first time interacting with the world, and it’s one of life’s precious moments.

TikTok - @addyshiloh Source: TikTok - @addyshiloh

If you’re a father like this guy here, then you know this all too well. Though not many people have as much tattoos as this guy does.

Tattoos have somewhat of a stigma to them. They’ve been synonymous with youthful delinquents and punks for as long as anyone remembers. But this is of course, completely unfair. Tattoos are merely a means of self-expression.

A lot of people with tattoos are loving, trusting and kind people. After all, since when did getting inked mean getting a personality change?

TikTok - @addyshiloh Source: TikTok - @addyshiloh

Our inked-up, young dad is absolutely melting over his child. He can hardly contain himself, and forget about maintaining composure.

The moment the “This is my child” realization sets in, he can’t control himself.

TikTok - @addyshiloh Source: TikTok - @addyshiloh

He’s already fighting back the urge to cry, and his first words are a somber and loving “Aww man”. His friends and family react with a fair bit of laughter.

Tiktok - @addyshiloh Source: Tiktok - @addyshiloh

Years of learning, growing up, making mistakes, meeting new people, and meeting the right person have all led to this moment. Can’t exactly blame him for how emotional he’s getting. Still think people with tattoos are just punks and delinquents?

Dad finally stops holding back and says the words he’s been dying to say.

“You just changed my whole life.”

TikTok - @addyshiloh Source: TikTok - @addyshiloh

“Awww” is right. We’re over here watching from our computers, but it’s hard not to empathize with his family’s reactions here.

He’s a young man who was blessed with a family of his own, and you can be sure he’s going to be the best dad he can be. It happens with every young man.

They’re always young and free-spirited, until they learn to look after someone else and everything changes.

TikTok - @addyshiloh Source: TikTok - @addyshiloh

It’s mostly silent from here on, but I have my guesses about what’s going on in his head. “I can’t wait to take you home, feed you, watch you take your first steps and teach you how to ride a bike”. It’s not easy keeping yourself contained when you become a father.

But to be fair, who says you should?

TikTok - @addyshiloh Source: TikTok - @addyshiloh

Our young dad over here is going to look like quite the gnarly dad with all those tattoos. In fact, as unfortunate as it is to say, some kids may make fun of him when they meet his kid.

But sticks and stones and all that. He doesn’t have anything to prove.

TikTok - @addyshiloh Source: TikTok - @addyshiloh

Appearances never decided how good of a parent someone was, and this could very well be another demonstration of that.

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