Teen bullied for being fat for her entire life walks into prom with 138-pound weight loss

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The children at school always made Josephine feel terrible about her weight. At prom, she had the last laugh.

There’s a reason why The Ugly Duckling has been loved for over 150 years.

When it plays out in real life, it’s always great to see.

There’s nothing like seeing bullies get their comeuppance and the bullied thrive. Josephine’s story is a prime example.

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For most of her life, Josephine Desgrand struggled with food. She was very large for her age. When she attended school, she soon learned just how cruel kids can be.

The bullying made Josephine gain even more weight.

By the time she was 17, Josephine weighed 269 pounds.

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Naturally, Josephine was beginning to contemplate her life after school.

She realized that when high school ended, she would be able to start afresh. And to do this in the best possible way, she would have to lose weight.

She knew that the last chance for the other kids in school to mock her would be prom.

So she challenged herself to get thinner for that event. Even she would be amazed with what she would achieve.

Josephine decided to go on a diet. She cut out all sugar and significantly reduced the carbs that she ate.

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In the past, she had broken every diet that she had started. But this time, she challenged herself to create meals that were tasty and healthy. That’s when she realized something amazing. She actually liked healthy food!

Soon, Josephine started to shed the pounds. And her remaining school days also started to diminish. That allowed her to keep her end goal in sight.

In just 11 months, Josephine ended up losing over 130 pounds. That’s almost half of her body weight!

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Naturally, all of the other kids at school were in awe.

They couldn’t believe that Josephine was the girl that they had once bullied. Josephine was now in the perfect position to make fun of those people, but she was above that.

Instead, Josephine focused on picking out the best prom dress.

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She whittled her options to just two options, a shiny red dress or a white dress with a floral pattern.

So she asked her Instagram followers to help her choose, posting both outfits to her feed. The response was overwhelming. People liked the red dress better. So she went with that.

Josephine and her date arrived at the prom venue.


A year ago, none of her classmates would have guessed that she would get so much attention. But thanks to her own self-determination, everyone agreed that she looked amazing!

Since she finished school, Josephine has continued with her healthy lifestyle.

In November 2019, she gave birth to a baby boy, Charlie.

Instagram - Nolongerfatjosie Source: Instagram - Nolongerfatjosie

And in late 2020, she learned that she was going to give birth to another baby. Her second child is due in July 2021.

Josephine is an incredible mother. She is doing a great job in raising Charlie and can’t wait for her second child to come into the world.

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