Tiny three-year-old stands up in front of his friends to pray

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No matter your beliefs, you’ve got to admit that this little boy’s prayer is adorable.

One of the best things about America is absolute religious freedom.

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Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and can express those beliefs however they like. This may sound like a small thing. But throughout history and right into the present, people have lived in societies that suppress this basic right.

A very special little boy has gone viral for a video of him expressing his right to religious freedom.

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It begins with the boy, Makhi Martin, standing in front of his classroom. He holds his hands together and closes his eyes.

Then he begins the prayer by saying, “Father God.” Martin is only three years old, and he can’t quite pronounce the words clearly. It’s still obvious that he believes in what he’s saying, however.

The rest of his class all repeat the words, “Father God.”

The boy then carries on with his prayer, saying, “We thank you,” and the class copies. For the next 30 seconds, Martin leads the prayer, with the class repeating after him. He does a fantastic job.

The recording then appeared on YouTube. It soon spread far and wide. To date, it has gained over 5.6 million views. It also has more than 371,000 likes.

Makhi Martin is clearly a kind-hearted little boy. A lot of adults could learn from him.

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He prays for, “all the boys and girls, all over the world.” Not just the ones who share his own personal beliefs. Really, that’s what every good person should do, especially right now.

This video first appeared online in January 2020. At the time, no one knew what 2020 had in store.

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If there’s one thing that America needs, it’s for all of us to come together to get through the crises facing the nation.

To overcome things like coronavirus, we need to help, “all the boys and girls,” all the vulnerable people, not just the ones that share your own personal views.

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Yes, the people in America, and in every country in the world, disagree with one another on some pretty big issues. But right now, what’s more important is putting aside those disagreements and working on solutions to help everyone.

Martin is being taught to love God but to also love other people.

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Like the right to religious freedom, that’s a pretty incredible thing. Even today, so much needless suffering occurs because we’re told that other people, with different beliefs or appearances, are wrong and that they are the cause of our problems.

When we hear that “those people” are the problem, we need to stop and consider the facts behind this, to look at things from their perspectives.

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Hopefully, more people will continue to put aside their differences and work out how to make things better for everyone. All major religions promote peace. This isn’t some hippy ideal, but a shared value of humanity. Makhi Martin and the other kids in his class know this. And those beliefs are going to make the world a better place.

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Source: CBS News, ACLU