Watch this tiny, scared puppy fall in love with his 120-lb Great Dane friend

Unfortunately, people abandon dogs way too often. The reasons why they do it are vast and complex.

Sometimes it’s done out of responsibility, where they rehome a dog or get it to a shelter for a proper rehoming process. Other times, like this story, the person was irresponsible.

Luna, an adorable tiny puppy, was left in a cardboard box on the side of the road. The owner clearly didn’t care what happened to her, as long as she was out of sight.

Fortunately for Luna, some very caring people came into her life.

Dog foster mom, Dina, had come to the rescue for Luna. Dina acknowledged that the little puppy was both terrified and timid when they first met.

Luna would cry all the time; she didn’t trust people.

“She wanted to be by herself. I’ve never seen a more depressed dog.”

Luna was so young and weak she couldn’t walk, and she would barely eat any food.

But Dina persisted on with her care and a proper eating schedule.

After the first week, Luna started to walk around.

She was still very unstable and would fall quite often. But she would get up and keep trying.

She’d explore her new home, sniffing everything and interacting with Dina’s other dogs. Luna started to feel a bit more alive.

By wagging her tail some, she was showing signs of being comfortable for the first time.

Shortly after learning how to walk, she discovered running.

All of a sudden, her whole personality changed, and her excitement showed. All she wanted to do was run, and her little tail was wagging like crazy.

With running, it’s like she became the dog she was supposed to be; a happy one.

Once Dina felt Luna was becoming confident with herself, she decided to take Luna to meet another puppy.

Her friend had a puppy too, but it was quite a bit different.

Her friend’s dog was a 120-pound Great Dane named Zeus.

Although the size difference was a bit scary, Dina knew she wanted to socialize Luna with another puppy.

Dina claims it was love at first sight for these two.

Zeus was so gentle with little Luna. They shared kisses, rolled around on the floor together, and even did some doggy boxing.

Instagram-loveandrescue Source: Instagram-loveandrescue

They quickly formed a “big creature/small creature” relationship.

“Her an Zeus playing with each other – it was love at first sight, I think. From there, they just formed this really weird big creature, small creature realtionship. Her whole body was the size of his nose. He was so gentle with her,” Luna’s mom explains.

(You’ll see in the video, the hyper tail-wagging from Luna when she’s playing with Zeus.)

Luna felt very comfortable playing with Zeus, despite the size difference. The confidence she got from playing with a puppy much larger than herself seemed to carry over into her relationship with Dina as well.

Luna’s boxing skills began to show.

She’d wake Dina up first thing in the morning by pawing at her face. She would swing her hands at everything. Some dogs tend to use their mouths to show personality but, for Luna, it’s clear she expresses herself with her paws.

“I think she’s a cat too, maybe, and mixed with a kangaroo or something”

Now that Luna had gotten so much better and Dina felt she had done her job, it was time to find Luna her forever home.

The applications for adoption began to stream in.

Her new parents, Hunter and Genevieve, were selected and Luna was on her way to live with them in Galveston, Texas.

Her new owners say Luna sniffed around for a moment when she arrived home but, within 5 minutes, she was the biggest ‘cuddle bug’.

They claim “she’s the most fun dog,” and Luna looks to be so happy in her new home.

What a great story and a happy ending for everyone involved.

Thanks to Dina and Love and Rescue for all the love shown to Luna!

Enjoy the video of Luna’s story below.

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Tiny, Scared Puppy Falls In Love With A 120-Pound Great Dane

Teeny-tiny puppy becomes obsessed with a 120-Pound Great Dane 😍

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