Toddler knows just how to get adorable newborn sister to sleep

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When do younger siblings feel comfortable around their elder siblings? This newborn was just days old when she managed to fall asleep in her sister’s arms.

Siblings almost always form special bonds with one another. But you have to wonder just when a newborn sibling starts to recognize that their elder sibling is something other than just any other human.

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After all, newborns can barely see and have a very limited perception of the world around them. But is there some sort of instinct that tells babies that their elder siblings are family and that they can be comfortable around them? This video suggests that there is.

It begins with five-year-old Evelynn cradling her newborn sister, Annabelle. The baby was clearly comfortable in Annabelle’s arms. But then something amazing happened.

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Evelynn’s mom said, “It looks like she’s gonna sleep on you right there.” Evelynn looked down at her little sister to see for herself. She could tell that Annabelle had become even sleepier.

Then Evelynn decided to kiss Annabelle’s forehead.

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The baby appeared to appreciate the kiss, and shortly after, her eyes started to close.

But Annabelle’s eyes opened once more. To get the baby to sleep, Evelynn started rubbing noses with her. Annabelle then closed her eyes again. Clearly, the baby found this very comforting.

Annabelle tried to open her eyes again, but the urge to sleep was getting too strong, and she couldn’t open them very wide.

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But when the mom started talking, Annabelle opened her eyes wider, drawn to her voice. But by now, Evelynn knew what to do, and she started comforting the baby back to sleep once more.

In just a few seconds, it was clear that Annabelle would be sleeping for a while. So the mom asked if Evelynn would be ok holding the baby or if she should take her.

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Evelynn replied that she wanted to keep on holding her.

The video cut out there, but it was obvious that Evelynn spent the next few hours holding onto Annabelle, ensuring that she got a good sleep.

The children’s mom then uploaded the footage onto YouTube, where it soon became very popular.

To date, it has managed to gain over 771,000 views. It also has more than 9,600 likes.

Annabelle herself has grown a lot since that video.

By the time she was one, Annabelle was smiling all the time. She had also started taking her first steps.

And by 14 months, she was able to run around and even climb with confidence! Her favorite thing was music. In fact, whenever music came on, she would start dancing to it. She also liked books, superheroes, baby dolls, balls, flowers and playing with her brothers and sisters.

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Of course, Evelynn has been there to guide her little sister throughout this time. These two siblings have a unique and very special connection that they will have throughout their lives.

Annabelle and Evelynn also have two older brothers. But anyone who has raised two girls knows that sisters always develop a very close (but sometimes chaotic) relationship with one another. Annabelle and Evelynn are just the same. How lucky they are to have each other!

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Source: LoveFamilyLife