Mom discovers her clever 4-year-old ordered $100 of McDonald’s while she was in the shower

Nowadays, you can buy just about everything on your smartphone. Shopping for presents or electronics, there’s an app for that. Or how about a new videogame? You can even order groceries with a few simple clicks on a smartphone, and food delivery is always an option too if you’re not in the mood to cook.

raissawandrade (Instagram) Source: raissawandrade (Instagram)

Smartphones definitely don’t hold any secrets for kids, as they grow up with these devices and can be considered as digital natives. Chances are they’ll know a lot more about it than their parents if they’re really tech-literate!

Sometimes, it’s not always a good idea to leave a smartphone or a tablet unattended, because then some funny situations like this one may occur.

It seems like Raissa’s Andrade’s son was in the mood for some hamburgers and fries, and once he got into the McDonald’s delivery app on mom’s smartphone, he had access to all the food he wanted.

raissawandrade (Instagram) Source: raissawandrade (Instagram)

The 32-year-old mother lives with her boy Tom in Brazil, and she just left the boy unattended for just a little while because she needed to take a shower. She just got back from a quick trip to the doctor’s office and wanted to shower as a precaution and protection against the novel coronavirus.

When she returned to the kitchen, she saw her boy Tom sitting at the table with no less than a $100 worth of McDonald’s food.

Pixabay Source: Pixabay

She had no idea that her boy Tom would be up to no good, and she didn’t even realize he was that hungry.

It turns out that the little boy didn’t even have to navigate through the delivery app to get the order – the intelligent son used his voice to order everything. The voice assistant on mom’s smartphone captured everything, and Tom had no issues confirming the order with his voice.

Due to the pandemic, ordering takeout food has become quite a regular thing for Raissa and her son Tom, because social distancing can’t be maintained otherwise.

raissawandrade (Instagram) Source: raissawandrade (Instagram)

It seems like Tom paid close attention to how mom ordered takeout every time because he definitely didn’t seem to have any issues ordering something all by himself.

As you might know, McDonald’s isn’t particularly known to be a very expensive restaurant, and the little boy’s order is actually pretty funny to read.

It looks like Tom was really starving because he ordered six happy meals, ten milkshakes, and more!

Pixabay Source: Pixabay

Aside from the happy meals and milkshakes, Tom also got half a dozen promotional meals, no less than eight McSundaes, and eight bottles of drinks. Perhaps the most fun part of this large order for Tom, however, was the fact that he now had an abundance of happy meal toys!

The whole order was packed in ten separate bags! A bit much for just a mom and her four-year-old son, isn’t it?

Luckily, Raissa could definitely laugh with the whole situation, although she’ll probably want to put additional restrictions on her smartphone.

Tom and Raissa couldn’t eat everything themselves, so they decided to surprise their relatives with a meal.

Luckily, they live in the same building, so Raissa didn’t have to get outside as she’s being precautions with the pandemic. Being able to give away all the food and make her relatives happy definitely put a smile on Raissa’s face.

She also shared Tom’s hilarious stunt on her Instagram page, where it quickly went viral. What a surprise!

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Source: Bored Panda, Raissa Andrade (Instagram)