After putting hair removal cream on her head, toddler looks like Pennywise from It

Kids tend to get themselves into trouble, a lot. And the younger they are, the more trouble they seem to get themselves into. When 18-month-old Maisie Saward and her twin sister Eva decided to go off on an adventure, no one knew the trouble she would get herself into.

For her parents, it was a reminder that you always have to watch your young children like a hawk.

Going on an adventure

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Living in Hampshire, England with her parents, Luke and Kristy, the two toddlers’ adventure began when their older brother, Ollie, Left the baby gate open. Of course, being kids, the two girls were naturally curious and made their way to the upstairs of their home.

A hairy situation

Kennedy News & Media - Tyla Source: Kennedy News & Media - Tyla

Once in the bathroom, things got particularly hairy as Maisie picked up her dad’s hair gel and started to put it in her hair. All she wanted to do was look like her dad. Unfortunately, she had picked up the wrong tube and was putting Superdrug Hair Removal Cream in her hair instead.

Dad didn’t respond in the timeliest of manners

Kennedy News & Media - Tyla Source: Kennedy News & Media - Tyla

While listed as relatively safe on the Superdrug Website, there are some dangers to hair cream, especially if you get the cream in your eyes. Fortunately, her dad was able to get to her before anything bad could happen, though he couldn’t quite get to her in time to save her 3-inch bangs.

According to Maisie’s mom, Kristy, her husband’s actions following the incident didn’t help the situation as much as it could. Kristy recounted what happened to Metro News.

“Rather than just shove her under the shower, Luke ran her a bath, got her changed and it took about 10 minutes before he even thought about taking it off.”

Mom finds out the true extent of what had happened

Kennedy News & Media - Tyla Source: Kennedy News & Media - Tyla

After talking to her husband on the phone, Kristy still had no idea how bad it was until she got home.

“I’d called Luke and he said ‘Maisie’s got no fringe [bangs] left,’ but the phone broke up, so I just thought she’d got hold of some scissors.”

Maisie’s dad, meanwhile, attempted to wash the cream out of her hair. But as he shampooed, Maisie’s hair started to come out, in clumps. To say that Kristy was stunned when she arrived home is an understatement.

“When I got home, I was just in pure shock. She came and gave me a cuddle and I just cried for an hour because I absolutely loved her fringe [bangs].”

Learning a valuable lesson

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Understandably, Kristy was upset with her husband, not speaking to him for the rest of the day. The next day, though, she was able to see the humor in the situation. Fortunately, except for missing some hair, Maisie was unscathed, but she now looked like Pennywise the Clown from the Stephen King horror story, It.

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Kristy was able to do a comb-over, but, due to Maisie’s curiosity, it doesn’t last too long. The incident also left Maisie’s parents with a lesson learned.

“Me and Luke felt a bit of a failure for not keeping these things out of her way, but once I’d realized these things happen when you’ve got kids, we felt a bit better about it. Parenting, especially with twins, isn’t easy, and if this makes even one other mum feel better then that’s great.”

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