Tiny toy poodle gets first grooming and the cuteness level is off the charts

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At three months of age, it was time for this puppy’s first-ever trip to the dog groomer. And she looked so much better in no time!

Due to coronavirus, many of us have not been able to go to barbershops, beauty salons and other places that specialize in making us look great.

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That means that many of us can relate to the puppy in this video.

At first, she was confused. Why was her owner taking her to this strange place? Then she waited patiently inside a pen, wondering what would happen next.

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Eventually, a dog groomer picked her up and got to work.

Then the groomer carefully rubbed shampoo into the dog’s fur and bathed her.

Lovely Grooming/YouTube Source: Lovely Grooming/YouTube

The tiny dog looked around confused as the human kept on gently washing at her fur. Why is she doing this, the puppy wondered.

Then they took the puppy out of the bath and placed her in a small cup. They rinsed all of the product away with a showerhead.

Lovely Grooming/YouTube Source: Lovely Grooming/YouTube

Next, the groomer placed the puppy on a towel on her lap and moved the dryer near her.

As the hot air blew, the groomer started brushing away, ensuring that the hair wouldn’t be tangled.

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After that, it was time for a trim. The groomer placed the puppy on a table and brought out some scissors.

First, she trimmed at the hair above the puppy’s eyes. Next, she paid attention to under the dog’s chin. Then came the cheeks. By now, the puppy was resembling a teddy bear.

Lovely Grooming/YouTube Source: Lovely Grooming/YouTube

Once the dog’s face and head were done, the groomer moved on to the legs and chest.

Eventually, the puppy had had a complete makeover. The dog groomers thought that she looked incredibly pretty. The internet would agree.

Lovely Grooming/YouTube Source: Lovely Grooming/YouTube

A video of the dog’s grooming appeared on YouTube, where it soon went viral.

In the space of one month, it has gained over 13 million views. It also has more than 464,000 likes and 74,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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This video has become the grooming company’s most successful video by far. But it does have some other very successful videos.

The second most popular video on the channel is of a tiny chihuahua.

That dog has managed to gain over 300,000 views. Sure, that’s a lot less than the toy poodle, but that’s still pretty good going!

But other grooming companies have even more successful videos.

For instance, Shu and Tree has a video of them grooming a Pomeranian puppy named Alvin that has over 46 million views.

What makes this video stand out is the fact that the puppy actually smiles during his makeover. Clearly, this dog can actually appreciate what the groomers are doing for him!

And then, eight months later, Alvin came back to the groomer. His fur had gotten completely out of control once again!

The video of his second visit to the groomer has only managed to gain 2 million views. But Alvin isn’t disappointed, he’s just happy for any attention that he gets!

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Source: Lovely Grooming