Twins have their first conversation, and the adorable video’s been viewed over 21 million times

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What could be cuter than a baby? The answer is two babies! And it’s especially cute when they interact with one another.

The two twins in this video are very special indeed. Merle and Stijn have a very close bond that is there for all to see.

Roy Johannink/YouTube Source: Roy Johannink/YouTube

From the moment they were born, they were best friends. They just had to be together at all times.

And in no time at all, they even started communicating with each other.

Of course, as they were only a couple of months old, they weren’t saying words in any understandable language. But they were definitely trying to convey their emotions to one another.

Luckily, the first time the twins started talking to each other, the babies’ father, Roy, was filming the entire thing.

Roy Johannink/YouTube Source: Roy Johannink/YouTube

The mother held Stijn in her hands so that he was looking down at Merle. The two cute babies smiled at one another and gazed into each other’s eyes. They had seen their mom and dad talk, and they were determined to do the same.

So Stijn started babbling cute nonsense words to Merle. Merle obviously got what Stijn was saying, and she laughed and looked at her brother again.

Then, after a brief pause, Merle started talking back to Stijn. She made similar baby noises, and Stijn appeared to be taking the meaning of those noises to heart.

Soon, Stijn answered Merle, and the two were chatting away like they were recounting each other’s day.

Roy Johannink/YouTube Source: Roy Johannink/YouTube

As the babies kept on talking, the dad started laughing. Clearly, he thought his babies were amazing.

The clip ended there. A little later, Roy uploaded it to his YouTube channel. He wasn’t expecting it to go viral, but the clip was just that cute!

To date, the clip has managed to gain over 21.6 million views. It also has more than 20,000 likes. And somehow, the video also has 1,200 dislikes. How can anyone watch this video and dislike it!?

Luckily, this wasn’t the last video of the twins. Several months later, he uploaded a video of Stijn and Merle playing with their mother.

Both babies had grown hair and were able to sit up on their own for this video. In the clip, the babies and their mom were playing with blocks, and Stijn kept on knocking over the blocks. Whenever they fell, Stijn laughed uncontrollably. Merle laughed as well, but she was more concerned with clapping some blocks together.

A few months after that, Roy uploaded another video.

This time, the video showed that the twins had grown even more, with their hair getting a lot longer. It was also clear that the babies had really learned how to walk. Stijn pushed Merle around the room on a toy car, with Merle really loving driving around like she was an adult.

All of the twins’ videos show just how amazing it can be to have babies and toddlers in your life.

Sure, they can be nightmares sometimes. But there are also so many cute, heartwarming and happy moments. It’s clear that Stijn and Merle are lucky to have each other and two loving parents. Hopefully, Roy will continue to document their adventures.

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Source: Roy Johannink