Twin girls have different skin colors, so teachers accuse mom of lying about them being sisters

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At birth, Marcia and Millie Biggs looked similar. Now, most people are shocked to learn that they’re twins.

In July 2006, Amanda and Michael Biggs welcomed their twin baby girls into the world. They were overjoyed and vowed to love them forever.

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Like the parents of most twins, Amanda and Michael soon learned that their kids had vastly different personalities. But as the months went by, they noticed something strange. One twin’s skin was changing drastically.

At first, the top of Millie fingers and ears started to darken. Then this skin tone spread throughout her body.

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The parents thought that Marcia’s skin would also darken. Instead, it started to lighten.

Of course, skin color would never be an issue for Amanda and Michael. After all, they were an interracial couple. But they worried about how others would perceive them.

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Their home, Birmingham, UK, has a history of racial tensions.

The parents later learned just how rare the twins’ skin changing phenomenon was. It only occurs in one in a million twins and is called atavism.

It resulted from the varied genetic makeup of the parents. But most importantly for Amanda and Michael, they learned that the condition would have no negative health effects.

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When Marcia and Millie’s skin tones changed, they did turn heads.

For instance, Amanda has stated that when she was taking them places in a pushchair, people would ask how they could possibly be twins when they were different races.

Luckily, Amanda and Michael have found that most people have not been hostile. Instead, they have expressed understandable curiosity and then acceptance.

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When the twins attended school, their different complexions led to similar questions from the other children. Many other kids initially thought that the two were just best friends. When the kids learned that Marcia and Millie were in fact twins, they were confused but also accepting.

Today, the twins are still best friends. They claim to do almost everything together.

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They love singing and dancing. But they do have different tastes in clothing and personal styles. Millie’s tastes are more typically girly. Marcia is more of a tomboy and is a fan of gymnastics.

The twins say that they personally have never experienced racism.

Their father, however, says that he certainly has. Seeing his twin daughters thrive has shown him just how far the world has come.

When the twins were 11, they decided to use their unique genetics to tackle racism on an international scale. They appeared in a campaign that showed that race is a social construct.

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The twins are now teenagers. They still attend the same school with one another. However, in the years to come, they will go to college/university. It’s likely that they will move on to different cities, possibly even different countries.

No matter what happens going forwards, the two girls are likely to remain best friends for life.

Hopefully, both Marcia and Millie will go on to have happy and successful lives. They have already been successful in showing that race does not define a person.

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